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This article provides an overview of what a hot rod is, different types of hot rods, normal behavior, and provides links to other articles with technical resolution, hot rod-related errors, and replacement instructions.


What Is a Hot Rod?


The hot rod is the metal rod that sits inside your grill's firepot. It heats up during ignition to ignite the pellets in the firepot and then typically remains dormant once the fire is established. The hot rod will engage again if the fire goes out.

Hot Rod-Grill Compatibility

Find out which hot rod is right for your grill by checking out the replacement parts lists in our grill support guides or by contacting Customer Support

Hot rods may be replaced as a standalone part or be included in another part such as a hot rod and firepot combo, or in an ignitor and flame sensor assembly.

Hot Rod Hot Rod & Firepot Combo Hot Rod Service Panel
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Where Can I Find the Hot Rod in My Grill?

Regardless of the type of pellet grill you have, the hot rod is located at the bottom of a grill's barrel, sticking out into the firepot. When looking into a firepot, the tip of the hot rod will be exposed slightly: 1/8"-1/4" (4-6 mm).

Firepot and Hot Rod on a Timberline Grill


Normal Hot Rod Behavior

When working as designed, a hot rod is only active during the first five minutes of a cook, unless reactivated by the grill's temperature falling below the grill's set temp for an extended period of time.

Hot Rod-Related Errors & Notifications

The errors listed in the table below are ones specifically related to the grill's hot rod. Other errors may be triggered in some manner because of the hot rod, but these are ones directly related to this part.

Non-WiFi Grills D2 WiFIRE Grills Touchscreen WiFIRE Grills


Hot Rod Replacement Instructions

For instructions on how to replace a hot rod, follow the link to the article that matches the type of grill you're working on.

Non-WiFi Grills D2 WiFIRE Grills Touchscreen WiFIRE Grills
Hot Rod & Firepot Replacement Instructions for Non-WiFi Grills Hot Rod & Firepot Replacement Instructions for D2 WiFIRE Grills Ignitor & Flame Sensor Replacements

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