WiFi Self-Help App

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Spend more time grilling and less time trying to connect to your home WiFi network. 

We want to make sure your Traeger grill is working at its best. To that end, we are offering customers access to an app called RouteThis Helps, which can help diagnose and fix network issues.


When should I use Traeger's WiFi self-help app?

  • WiFIRE Setup Issues
  • Low Signal Strength
  • Intermittent Connectivity

How to Use the WiFi Self-Help App

  1. Download the RouteThis Helps app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap, BEGIN.
  3. Enter the code, TRGR.
  4. Stand next to your grill and tap, I MOVED IT. Keep the app open during the 2-minute scan.
    IMG_6636.PNG   IMG_6637.PNG
  5. Tap, IMPROVE TRAEGER PERFORMANCE and follow the instructions for suggested improvements provided by the app.

How Does Traeger's WiFi Self-Help App Work?

RouteThis Helps works by connecting to the same WiFi network you are trying to connect your WiFIRE-enabled Traeger to and analyzing the network from the same location as your grill.

As the app scans your network, it identifies variables such as signal strength, firewalls, mesh routers and more that may be preventing you from connecting your grill successfully. The app then offers suggestions that can improve your ability to connect and pair your grill successfully.


Still Need Help?

Our support team is available by phone, or you can chat with us online using the "Support Chat" option on the right side of this web browser.


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