Grill Lid Replacement

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Steps to replace grill lids with shoulder bolts, grill lids with hinges, and portable grill lids.

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Lids with Shoulder Bolts

Lids with shoulder bolts will have a bolt on each side of the grill with a washer and nut holding the bolt in place on the inside of the grill barrel.

Lid Shoulder Bolt.png                        Silverton 620 Lid KIT0517.png

Applicable Grills

Replacement Steps

  1. Remove nut and washer located on the inside of the grill barrel on each side of the grill.
  2. Slide the shoulder bolts out from each side.
  3. Remove old lid.
  4. Place replacement lid on grill and line up the holes on the lid with the holes in the grill barrel.
  5. Insert shoulder bolt through the lid (from the outside).
  6. On inside of the grill, place the washer over the end of the shoulder bolt and screw the nut on. Repeat on other side.

Lids with Hinges

Hinged lids will have screws that attach the hinge to both the grill lid and grill barrel. This includes portable grills as they have hinged lids.

        Pro 575 Grill Lid KIT0420.png

Applicable Grills                                    

Replacement Steps

  1. Remove 4 screws (8 screws in total) from each hinge that are attached to the grill's backsplash.
    Remove the Lid.
  2. Attach lid hinges to replacement lid: install the top of the hinge to the lid with 4 screws on each hinge- no wrong way to put them on; hinges are reversible.
  3. Install the lid handle with 2 screws/2 washers, and ensure the mica sheet is installed as well - 2 mica sheets (1 on each side of the handle) sit between the lid handle and the lid.
  4. Place the replacement lid on the grill.
  5. Align lid hinge holes with holes on the grill's backsplash.
  6. Secure the lid by attaching the bottom of the lid hinges to the grill's backsplash with 4 screws.

Door Stop Arc Replacement

Many grill models have a door stop arc to prevent the lid from opening too far. Follow the steps below for door stop arc replacement. Ensure that correct door arc is used (right arc/left arc).

Door Stop Arc .png

  1. Remove 2 screws from the door arc that is attached to the grill lid.
  2. Slide old door arc out.
  3. Attach new arc to the grill lid, making sure the bottom of the arc is underneath the lip on the grill barrel.



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