Hopper Burner Assemblies & Hopper Assemblies

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While very similar there are a few differences between HBA's and HA's. This article will provide more information on each one.


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Hopper Burner Assemblies & Hopper Assemblies

D2 HBA no backgroubd.png HA no background.png
Hopper Burner Assembly Hopper Assembly


What is a Hopper Burner Assembly (HBA)?

Found on AC and D2 grills. The HBA combines the grill’s hopper (where pellets are stored) with major components like the controller, fan, auger, auger motor, auger tube, hot rod, and firepot. The controller is a detachable from the hopper on the AC & D2 models.  HBA's allow access to internal component connections, resolving mechanical issues, and replacing parts.

AC Grills D2 HBA no backgroubd.png D2/WiFIRE Grills
Pro 34-Blue.png D2 Pro no background.png
Hopper on Left Side HBA Hopper on Right Side


What is a Hopper Assembly (HA)?

Hopper Assemblies are found on Touchscreen grills. The HA includes the hopper that holds the pellets. Other components included: motherboard, display, aux fan, lid light, and auger screw. The "controller display" is not detachable from the Hopper Assembly. HA's allow for access to the grill's internal electrical components. Due to the new design on the Touchscreen grills, the Hopper Assembly does not include firepot, hot rod and auger tube. However, the Hopper Assemblies already have all the wires pre-attached to their needed components and the wire harnesses are actually zip tied inside the hopper. 

Timberline XL HA no background.png Ironwood XL
Timberline XL_nobackground.png Ironwood XL no background.png
Hopper on Right Side HA Hopper on Right Side


How Does a HBA and/or a HA Work?

Both the HBA and the HA serve similar purposes. Both store pellets and house the electrical components that make the grill work. The “burner” component is what mainly distinguishes HBAs from Hopper Assemblies. If you need to replace or work with these components, follow the specific instructions for your grill model.


Maintaining HBA's and HA's


Hopper Burner Assemblies and the Hopper Assemblies house the grill's pellets for cooking. Moisture due to rain and/or humidity can make its way to the where pellets are held, to ensure the pellets do not become compromised while in the hopper and cause an auger jam, it is advised that customers do not use the Hopper portion of the HA's and HBA's as storage. We recommend vacuuming out left over pellets and saw dust to prevent future concerns.


Hopper Panels/ HBA Access Panels

The Hopper Assemblies and the Hopper Burner Assembly house very important wires that allow the grill to function properly. It is advised to maintain all panels secure when not troubleshooting with the grill. Leaving these panels can allow for unwanted guest that may chew up wires or make a home with in the HBA or HA.


Grill Electronics

All of the electrical components of the grill are housed in the HBA's and HA's. To keep these electronic parts and wires, we advise to keep your Traeger grill covered with its corresponding grill cover.


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