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Your support guide for your Flatrock Flat Top Grill. 

Buy your Flatrock on Traeger.com here: https://www.traeger.com/griddles/flatrock

Meet the Flatrock!

Model Number

The Traeger Flatrock Flat Top Grill has the following model numbers:

  • 1DFL42LLA
  • TF3CN59AU

Find your Flatrock's model number and serial number can be found on the back of the grill skirt, next to the power panel. The model number is the "SKU NUMBER."




Assembling Your Flatrock & Flatrock Box Stagecoach

Troubleshooting Resources for Your Flatrock

Below are links help you get the most out of your Flatrock, whether it's learning best-use practices or how to resolve common issues.

Operating Your Flatrock Powering Your Flatrock with a 9V Battery
How to season your Flatrock
Cleaning your Flatrock
Technical Support Calibrate Your Fuel Sensor
Rust on Your Flatrock's Cooktop
Cooktop Warping
No Gas at Burners
Part Replacement Instructions Replacing Parts on Flat Top Grills




Assembled Dimensions (Shelves Up)

74" L x 37" D x 42" H 

Assembled Dimensions (Shelves Down)

41.7"  L x 37" D x 42" H 

Assembled Weight

189 lbs

Package Dimensions

44.5" L x 26.53" W x 21" H

Package Weight

200 lbs

Cooktop Dimensions

33" L x 18" W 

Cooktop Area

594 sq. in.

BTUs 47,000 (all three burners on high)
Side Shelf x2 Folding Side Shelves
Fuel Type Propane Tank (not included)
Not compliant for natural gas conversion
Approx. Burn Time (Full Tank) ~10 hours


Compatible Accessories & Griddle-Specific Rubs



Conditioner https://www.traeger.com/accessories/grill-conditioner
Cover https://www.traeger.com/grill-covers/flatrock
Grease Keg Liner https://www.traeger.com/accessories/liners/keg
P.A.L Accessories Accessory Hooks https://www.traeger.com/accessories/pop-lock/hooks
Cup Holder https://www.traeger.com/accessories/pop-lock/cup-holder
Roll Rack https://www.traeger.com/accessories/pop-lock/roll-rack
Storage Bin https://www.traeger.com/accessories/pop-lock/storage-bin
Essentials Bundle 2 Squeeze Bottles
Flat Top Spatula Set
Flat Top Grill Scraper
Smashed Burger Bundle Cast Iron Grill Press
Steam Dome
Flat Top Large Spatula


RUB SKU Buy on Traeger.com
*These rubs were made especially for griddle recipes, though they are great options for use with pellet grill recipes, and other rubs are great options for griddle recipes too.
Breakfast Rub SPC216 Traeger Breakfast Rub
Burger Rub SPC215 Traeger Burger Rub
Spicy Fajita SPC217 Traeger Spicy Fajita Rub


Replacement Parts

Prior to purchasing replacement parts, we suggest contacting Customer Support to confirm the part you want is indeed the part you need.

Hyperlinked SKUs are available to purchase on Traeger.com. SKUs without hyperlinks require contacting Customer Support to order.

Flatrock Service Kits.png1DFL42LLA_SERVICE_KITS_2.jpg



Replacement Instructions

Controller Controller FTK0012 Controller UI Board & Knob Replacements
Controller Knob FTK0003
Cooktop FTK0031  
Flame Sensor FTK0008 Flame Sensor Replacements
Fuel Management U-Burner FTK0006 Burner & Crossover Tube Replacements
Burner Crossover Tube FTK0007
Manifold w/Gas Valves FTK0021 Manifold & Gas Valves Replacements
Regulator Hose FTK0005 Regulator Hose Replacements
Grease Management Grease Chute FTK0028 Grease Keg & Chute Replacements
Grease Keg FTK0001
Grease Keg Front Trim FTK0046
Assembly Hardware FTK0017  
Ignitor FTK0009 Ignitor Replacements
Legs Caster Wheel FTK0041 Leg Replacements
Leg Brace FTK0025
Leg A FTK0002
Leg B FTK0026
Lid Handle FTK0033 Lid Parts Replacements
Hinges FTK0027
Lid Assembly FTK0004
Rubber Stopper KIT0829
Power 9V Spark Ignitor FTK0043  
Motherboard FTK0019  
Power Cord FTK0044  
Power Panel FTK0013 Power Panel Replacements
Transformer FTK0014 Transformer Replacements
Propane Tank Support Load Cell FTK0016 Load Cell Replacements
Tank Brace & Brackets FTK0032 Tank Hook & Brace Replacements
Tank Hook FTK0015
Side Shelves Brackets: Front-Right; Back-Left FTK0030 Side Shelf Replacement Instructions
Brackets: Front-Left; Back-Right FTK0042
Side Shelf: Left FTK0010
Side Shelf: Right FTK0029
P.A.L Rail: Front Left FTK0020
P.A.L Rail: Front Right FTK0011
P.A.L Rail: Left Side FTK0024
P.A.L Rail: Right Side FTK0022
Wire Harnesses Grounding to Burner FTK0039  
Grounding to Controller FTK0038  
Controller to Transformer FTK0036  
Flame Sensor FTK0034  
Igniter FTK0035  
Transformer to Power Switch FTK0037  
Matchstick Holder This is NOT a service part.



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