Using a 9V Battery on a Flat Top Grill

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Understand how to use a Traeger flat top grill using a 9V battery instead of plugging it in.

Battery vs Cord: Which to Use?

Traeger's flat top grills require power for three key features: Ignition, Flame Sensing & Fuel Sensing.

The battery provides power to the ignitor. The fuel sensors and flame sensors are only active, however, when the grill is plugged in. 

No matter which method customers use, they will find great grilling success on their flat top grill.

Installing a 9V battery

  1. Locate the power panel on the back of the grill and make sure the power is off.
  2. Remove the battery case.
  3. Insert a 9V battery into the battery case.
  4. Insert the battery case back into the power panel.

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