Drip Trays

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What is a Drip Tray?

All Traeger grills come with a drip tray, sometimes called drain pans or grease pans, which channels food debris and grease into the grill's grease bucket/trough. Drip trays are located directly under your grill's grates. 


Which Drip Tray is Compatible with My Grill?

Each Traeger grill model is fitted with a drip tray specific to the grill's shape, size and features. To find which drip tray is compatible with your grill, look at the Replacement Parts list found in your grill's Support Guide. You can also look in your owner's manual or give Customer Support a call.


Drip Tray Questions

How do I clean my Drip Tray?

With the exception of new Timberline models, we suggest using a Traeger Drip Tray Liner or heavy-duty aluminum foil to make cleanup easy.

If needed, use a stiff, non-metallic tool to scrape food and debris off the drip tray. Follow by applying a non-chemical degreaser and using a non-abrasive tool to wipe away grease buildup.

Check out this article to walk through proper cleaning steps:

Do I have to use a Drip Tray Liner?

You don't need to use a drip tray liner, but for most grills we recommend using one to make cleanup easier. Check out Drip Tray Liners to learn more.

My drip tray looks warped. Can I still use it?

Mild warping is completely normal on drip trays. This is caused by the metal's proximity and exposure to direct heat.

If you are concerned that the warping is beyond normal, make sure your grill is off and cool and your drip tray is properly installed. Slowly pour a small amount of water onto the drip tray from the top. The water should make its way down the drip tray and into the grease chute. If you see areas where the water pools or flows into the grill's barrel, you may need a new drip tray. Find your drip tray here or feel free to give our Customer Support a call so we can verify and set you up with the right part.

My Drip Tray has rust on it. Can I still use it?

Rust and other discoloration on your drip tray is normal and harmless since it never comes in direct contact with food, and depending on your model, usually has a protective liner on it.

The only time you'll need to replace a drip tray with rust is if the drip tray has rusted through completely where there is a hole in the drip tray.


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