Smart Combustion Motherboard & Cover

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Information on the Smart Combustion Motherboard, found in touchscreen WiFIRE grills including Timberline, Timberline XL, Ironwood, and Ironwood XL.

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Applicable Part Numbers

  • Smart Combustion Motherboard Housing:
    • KIT0750
    • KIT0751
    • KIT0827
    • KIT0828
  • Smart Combustion Motherboard Cover
    • KIT0726
  • Power Supply Board
    • KIT0722

What Is the Smart Combustion Motherboard Cover?

The Smart Combustion motherboard cover is a black plastic piece that protects the motherboard. You will need to remove this cover to access the wiring connections for the grill's components.

What Is the Smart Combustion Motherboard?

Unlike D2 controllers, the "controller" on touchscreen grills is divided between two components: the display and the motherboard. The display has its own small computer that manages what is shown on the display, whereas the motherboard is "the brains" of the grill, controlling the grill's mechanical components and acting as the method of communication between the parts and the display.


Motherboard vs Motherboard Housing

When looking at service parts, you will often see the Smart Combustion Motherboard include the word, "housing," in the name. So, what's the difference between the motherboard and the motherboard housing?

  • Motherboard: As shown in the image above, the motherboard is the grill's computer. Grill components connect to it, and it communicates needed actions based on the information it receives.
  • Motherboard Housing: The Smart Combustion Motherboard Housing is the larger unit that is comprised of the motherboard, the power supply board, and a black plastic base.

The Smart Combustion Motherboard Housing and the power supply board are each individual service parts; however, the motherboard is not a service part on its own and requires the full housing when needing to be replaced.


Where Is the Smart Combustion Motherboard?

The motherboard is a part of the Smart Combustion Motherboard Housing, which is found in the Hopper Assembly and is accessed by removing the Hopper Service Panel and the Smart Combustion Cover. 


Replacement Instructions

See Smart Combustion Motherboard & Cover Replacement Instructions


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