Auger Motor Pin

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This article explains what an auger motor pin is and what to do if yours is missing, breaks, or falls out. 

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What Is an Auger Motor Pin?

An auger motor pin is a nut and bolt with threads at the top and a long shoulder that secures the auger to the auger motor inside the auger shaft.

  • A handful of some of our older models have a quick release (QR) pin rather than a traditional nut and bolt as described above.
  • Auger motor pins are specific to AC grills; D2 grills have a different type of auger motor that is secured directly to the grill body.
Auger Motor Pin Quick Release Pin




Auger Motor Pin Part Numbers

SUB186, KIT0783

Auger Motor Pin Location

The auger motor pin is located behind the auger motor, right before the auger bushing. See the photo below for reference.


How to Access an Auger Motor Pin

Please take the steps below to access your grill's auger motor pin:

  1. Remove the 4 screws on the bottom of your hopper, holding the hopper grate in place.
  2. Remove the 4 screws securing the hopper to your grill.
  3. Carefully pull away the hopper grate and hopper shell.
  4. You'll be able to access the auger motor and auger motor pin.

My Auger Motor Pin is Missing, Broken or Fell Out

Pin is Missing

If your Traeger grill's auger motor pin is missing, it likely came loose in shipping. You may be able to find it inside your grill. Please take the steps below:

  1. Look inside your grill's hopper.
  2. Gently shake your grill to see if the auger pin is floating around inside.
  3. Check around the area that you assembled your grill in. Sometimes, the auger motor pin falls out into its box or on the ground.
  4. If you can't find your auger motor pin, please contact our Customer Service.

Pin is Broken

If your grill's auger motor pin broke, please contact our Customer Service

Pin Fell Out

Since auger motor pins have a nut to keep them in place, it's rare for them to fall out. If your Traeger grill came with a QR pin, please contact our Customer Service for a replacement auger motor pin. The hole the QR pin uses will fit the nut-and-bolt style auger motor pin. 


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