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What is a firepot, what is its function, and how can you keep it in top condition?


Firepot Part Numbers

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KIT0024, KIT0025, KIT0224, KIT0261, KIT0319, KIT0320, KIT0370, KIT0371, KIT0396, KIT0464, KIT0467 KIT0261, KIT0321, KIT0382, KIT0383, KIT0396, KIT0427, KIT0548 KIT0660, KIT0724


What Is a Firepot?

Regardless which type of grill you have, the firepot's function is the same: to be a receptacle that the auger feeds pellets into, where the hot rod can ignite said pellets and contain the fire safely in order to heat the grill.

Firepot Design

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The firepot is the circular, metal container in the belly of the grill located at the end of the auger tube. The firepot has been redesigned from previous models, shaped like a box, and is an easily removable piece. The new firepot design is such to help blow residual ash out of the pot and directly into the grease tube. This will help with slow startups and ash buildup experienced in previous models.

Why Are there Holes?

Firepots have several uniform holes as a part of their design, which allows oxygen to flow more easily into it in order to maintain the fire.

On rare occasions, rust can create additional holes in the firepot. This is only a concern if these holes interfere with the grill's ability to ignite and maintain temperature, in which case, you should replace the firepot.

Replacement Parts: Standalone Firepots vs Firepot-Hot Rod Combo Kits

You may find that some grills show two different compatible firepots listed in the compatible service parts lists: a firepot by itself and a firepot-hot rod combo.

The only difference between these two SKUs is that one also includes the hot rod. If a firepot needs to be replaced, you can send either SKU; however, we have found that many customers find it easier to replace both the firepot and the hot rod when combined, which is why we offer that option.

Cleaning Your Firepot

Ash will build up in the firepot over time, making grill maintenance a critical part of using your Traeger grill. We recommend vacuuming out the ash from your firepot at least every 20 hours of cook time.

Pellet 'Pucks'

You may find clumps of pellets in your grill's firepot. These clumps, sometimes called pucks, are caused by a buildup of oils, moisture and food debris, and will not burn.

Finding pellet pucks indicates that you need to clean your grill more often--it has nothing to do with the quality of the pellets. 

Installing/Replacing a Firepot

For instructions on how to replace a hot rod, follow the link to the article that matches the type of grill you have.

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