D2 WiFIRE Grill Wiring

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Here you will find steps to ensure the wiring connections on your D2 WiFIRE-enabled Traeger grill are connected properly.

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Applicable Grills

This article applies to Traeger's D2 WiFIRE grills. D2 grills are Traeger grills with WiFIRE technology that have a dot matrix FSTN display. 

D2 Grills include the following models:


D2 Controller Wiring Layout

The back of your D2 WiFIRE grill's controller will look similar to this image. If you have a Timberline 850 or 1300, you will also see a WiFi antenna connected in the top-left corner (labeled below).

d2 wiring.png

Each connection attached to your controller connects to one of the grill's components. Here we see all the grill's components removed from the grill to help you understand better how these grills work.



Checking Your Grill's Wiring Connections

  1. Turn off and unplug the grill.
  2. Unscrew and pull away the grill controller from the hopper to expose the back of the controller.
  3. Disconnect and reconnect each connector on the back of the controller.
    Each component connects to the controller using a Molex connector. These connectors are unique to each part, meaning they will attach to the controller only in one spot. 
    • Hotrod and power source connectors: Pinch the clasp and gently pull to disconnect. You will hear a slight click when reconnected.
    • Auger Motor & Induction Fan: Gently pull to disconnect.
    • Thermocouple: Gently pull to disconnect.
      • When reconnecting, make sure the + sided peg is inserted into the + connector.
  4. Plug in the grill, turn on the power switch, and turn on the controller.
    • If trying to resolve an error, here you can confirm if reconnecting component connections caused the error to disappear, meaning the wiring connection was the cause of the error.
    • If the controller display goes black or is having issues, please get in touch with Customer Support or see, WiFIRE Controller Display Issues.
  5. If any of the components continue not to work after reconnecting and ensuring they are inserted into the proper spot, the part likely should be replaced. You can  contact Customer Support.
  6. After reconnecting each connector, screw in the controller to the grill.

Grounding Wires

What do my grill's grounding wires look like?

Traeger grills have several different wires; grounding wires are either green or green and yellow. 

Below are examples of a grounding wire attached to an auger bushing on two different D2 models.

Grounding Wire on a Pro 780 Grounding Wire on a Silverton 620
d2 grounding wires 3.png d2 grounding wires 4.png


Why are grounding wires important?

Grounding helps protect you and your home from the dangers of damaged circuits or electrical overloads. Without electrical grounding, stray voltage could start a fire, damage appliances, or shock bystanders.

When you're adjusting your grill's electrical components, you must secure your grounding wires to your grill using metal-to-metal contact. 

Where Can I Find My Grill's Grounding Wires?

Your grill's grounding wire is usually bundled with the rest of your grill's components' wires, zip tied together inside the hopper. You can access these wires by removing your grill's hopper access panel, located on the bottom or side of your hopper depending on your model. Once removed, you will see the wires bundled. The grounding wire is the green wire with a thin, yellow stripe. 

The grounding wire is outlined in green in the image below, one end attached to the power switch harness and the other screwed into the auger bushing.

d2 grounding wires 2.png


Installing/Connecting Your Grill's Grounding Wires

Your grounding wires should already be attached to your Traeger grill, and it is rare that you would need to replace yours, but if needed, follow these instructions:

  1. Turn off and unplug your grill.
  2. Remove your hopper access panel (side or bottom panel, depending on model) by unscrewing the screws holding it in place.
  3. If replacing, find the old grounding wire (the green wire) and remove it from the grill.
  4. Attach one end of the green and yellow grounding wire to the main power switch harness.
  5. Connect the other end of the green and yellow grounding wire to the auger bushing, using the metal loop to thread the auger bushing/self-tapping screw. 
  6. Line up the auger bushing screw with the auger bushing groove.
    • If the auger bushing screw is screwed in too tightly, the auger may get stuck.
    • Example of how the auger bushing/self-tapping screw must align with the groove of the auger bushing:
      d2 grounding wires 1.png

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