Set a Timer on a WiFIRE Grill

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Learn to set a timer on your WiFIRE-enabled grill to make sure your recipes turn out perfect every time.

Setting a Timer on Your WiFIRE Grill's Controller

This feature is only available on WiFIRE-enabled grills.

  1. Tap the Menu button.
  2. Find the Timer option and press the dial to confirm.
  3. Use the dial to set the timer.
  4. The timer will appear on the top right corner of the main controller screen.
  5. Timers set on the grill's controller will mirror within the connected Traeger App account.

Set a Timer on the Traeger App

This feature can be utilized by all grill owners. For WiFIRE-enabled grills, timers set within the app will show on the grill's controller.

  1. Open the Traeger App.
  2. Tap on the grill banner on the bottom on the screen.
    • Timers can only be set on active grills.
  3. Within the grill controller page, tap on Timer.
  4. Scroll to desired time, press Confirm.
  5. The set timer will now show on the grill control page, on the grill banner at the bottom of the app, and on the connected WiFIRE grill.

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