Demo Mode - D2 Grills

What's in This Article?

Learn how to turn on and turn off demo mode on a Traeger D2 WiFIRE grill.

For information on Demo Mode on new Timberline and Ironwood grills, see Demo Mode - Touchscreen Grills.

What Is Demo Mode?

Demo Mode is used by retailers who wish to show how the grill works without actually starting a fire in the firepot -- it disables the hot rod while letting all the other parts function as intended. 

How to Turn Demo Mode On & Off

Your grill should be on and idle to begin this process.  

NOTE: You will not be able to enable or disable Demo Mode if the grill is in the process of igniting.

  1. To enable or disable Demo Mode, navigate on the controller to Menu > Settings > Sales Demo
    • You can tell if Demo Mode is on or off by the asterisk (*) next to either the ON or OFF selections.
  2. Select ON to put the grill into Demo Mode or OFF to take the grill out of Demo Mode.
  3. Press the controller knob to confirm your selection.
  4. The screen will display, System Resetting..., and the grill will reboot. 
    • Once grill reboots, the display may not illuminate automatically. Press the controller knob or another button on the controller to wake up the screen.
  5. IMPORTANT: If exiting Demo Mode, empty the firepot before igniting the grill so you don't end up having a pellet fire.

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