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If your Traeger grill has the Super Smoke feature, you'll be able to experience smoke flavor deliciousness!

What is Super Smoke? 

Traeger's Super Smoke mode lets you blast your food with 100% hardwood smoke. This breakthrough in grilling technology revolves around precision fan control, enabling your Traeger grill to get the maximum delivery of smoke at temperatures from 165°F up to 225°F degrees.

NOTE: Temperature swings may increase while using Super Smoke. Although you should expect this to occur, the average temperature should still fall at the set temperature. 


Grills with Super Smoke

The grills below include the Super Smoke feature:

  • Timberline Series
  • Ironwood Series
  • Silverton 810 & Silverton XL (Costco Exclusive)
  • Redland & Redland XL (Costco Exclusive)

Does Super Smoke = More Smoke?

A misconception is that the Super Smoke feature will produce more visible smoke from the grill. When Super Smoke is on, you may not actually see more visible smoke. This is because the grill is increasing the amount of blue smoke, which forms at lower temperatures; this infuses food with more smoke flavor. 

Super Smoke Temps

Super Smoke only works at temperatures set between 165° and 225° F (74°-107° C).

How to Tell if Super Smoke is On

You can tell Super Smoke is working by looking at your controller's screen and noting the Super Smoke icon. You'll also be able to see the Super Smoke feature activated on your Traeger App. 


If the grill's temperature is set between 165°-225°F (74°-107°C), but the Super Smoke icon is not displaying on the controller or the Traeger App, please contact Traeger's Customer Support


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