WiFIRE Controller Functions

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WiFIRE is the technology that connects your grill to your Traeger App. A WiFIRE controller is what powers the display on your WiFIRE Grill. Below are some useful functions of the WiFIRE controller.

Clear Notifications

Clear Notifications is a useful controller function that clears non-critical notifications. You may want to use this if you find the controller is stuck on a notification like, Clean Grill.

  1. To clear notifications go to Menu > Settings > Clear Notifications.

If clearing the notifications does not work, power cycle the grill.

  1. Turn off and unplug your grill.
  2. Flip the power switch to the on position.
  3. Wait 10 seconds.
  4. Flip the power switch to the off position.
  5. Plug in and turn on your grill.

Adjust Contrast

If the display ever appears blank or is difficult to see in existing lighting, adjust the contrast of the display. Contrast issues generally occur in cold weather. If contrast adjustment does not resolve, please contact Customer Service.

  • To adjust contrast, go to Menu > Contrast > Adjust using the knob to your preferred contrast level.

If the screen is completely dark, follow these steps:

  1. Press Menu.
  2. Turn the knob to the right 5 clicks to get to Settings.
  3. Press knob to confirm.
  4. Turn 1 click to the right to get to Contrast.
  5. Press knob to confirm.
  6. Then click the knob left for darker and right for lighter.

Demo Mode

See Demo Mode.

Demo mode runs all components of the grill as normal without igniting the hotrod. Turning Demo Mode on or off will reboot the controller and then wake it up again in the selected mode.

  • To turn on Demo Mode: Menu > Settings > Demo Mode > On.
  • To turn off Demo Mode: Menu > Settings > Demo Mode > Off.

Keep Warm

Keep Warm can be used to pause the cook cycle at any time during grilling and maintain the grill temperature at 165°F (74°C). Press the Keep Warm button to activate the function. Press Keep Warm again to resume cooking.

  • The Keep Warm function is not designed to cook your food to proper food safety standards.

Standby Mode

See WiFIRE Grill Modes.

Standby mode is the default mode that occurs when the grill is first turned on prior to beginning a cook. A grill must be in Standby Mode in order to apply a firmware update.

Super Smoke

Traeger's Super Smoke mode lets you blast your food with 100% hardwood smoke. This breakthrough in grilling technology revolves around precision fan control, enabling the grill to get the maximum delivery of smoke at temperatures from 165°F up to 225°F (74°C - 107°C) degrees.

For more tips on using this feature, check out Super Smoke.

Change Temperature Units 

WiFIRE-enabled grills allow users to change the temperature units between Celsius and Fahrenheit. 

Changing the temperature units on the grill will also change the temperature units on the app. There is no need to make the change in both places.

  1. Plug in and turn on your grill.
  2. On the controller, select Menu.
  3. Scroll to Settings and press the knob.
  4. Scroll to Temperature Units and press the knob.
  5. Select Celsius or Fahrenheit and press the knob.


Set a Timer

You can set a timer from your grill's controller.

  1. Tap the Menu button.
  2. Find the Timer option and press the dial to confirm.
  3. Use the dial to set the timer.
  4. The timer will appear on the top right corner of the main controller screen.
  5. Timers set on the grill's controller will mirror within the connected Traeger App account.

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