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The Traeger Pellet Sensor lets you monitor the pellet levels in your WiFIRE® grill through the Traeger app, as well as receive alerts when pellet levels are low.

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The Traeger Pellet Sensor allows you to check the status of your pellet level remotely using your grill's controller or the Traeger app. The Pellet Sensor communicates with the grill's controller to display the current pellet level in 5% increments.


Pellet Sensor Grill Compatibility

Pellet sensors are compatible only with WiFIRE-enabled grills. Some models come with a pellet sensor included; while others can have the pellet added on, sold separately.

Included with Purchase Available as Add-on

Ironwood XL
Ironwood 650 (produced 2020 & later)
Ironwood 885 (produced 2020 & later)
Silverton 810
Timberline XL
Timberline 850
Timberline 1300

Century 885
Ironwood 650 (produced in 2019)
Ironwood 885 (produced in 2019)
Pro 575
Pro 780
Silverton 620


Pellet Sensor Location

The pellet sensor is located at the top of your hopper. 

Pellet Sensor-Controller Connections

D2 Pellet Sensor Connection Timberline/Ironwood Pellet Sensor Connection
d2_wiring.png d2_wiring.png



View on Your Controller

  • D2 Grills: On the controller and go to Menu > Pellet Sensor.
  • New Timberlines & Ironwoods:
    1. Tap the Menu button to get to your grill's dashboard.
    2. Tap the bottom bar with the ^ to pull up pellet level, probe temps and timer. The pellet level will be shown as a percentage remaining.

View on the Traeger App

  1. Open the app and tap the grill icon on the bottom toolbar. 
  2. Your pellet level will display on the grill's dashboard in the 'Pellets' module. 
    • The grill must be on and connected to WiFi to display in the app.


**The calibration feature is available on D2 grills only. New Timberlines and Ironwoods have newer technology that does not require calibration.**

Once you install your pellet sensor, you'll need to calibrate it to get the most accurate results. Follow the steps below or watch this video:

  1. Empty your hopper and clean the pellet sensor, making sure there is no dust on the lens.
  2. Power on the grill. 
  3. On the controller, navigate to Menu > Pellet Sensor. You will see a message saying, Calibrate your pellet sensor for accurate results.  
  4. Select Calibrate Now by pressing the controller knob.
  5. If you haven't already, empty your hopper and clean off the pellet sensor lens. Select OK by pressing the controller knob. 
  6. Select OK to calibrate the empty hopper. 
  7. The controller will display, "Empty hopper calibrated. Press OK to continue." Press the controller knob to select OK
  8. Place your hand under the Pellet sensor to block the pellet sensor light, indicating to the sensor that the hopper is full. Select OK while your hand is under the sensor. 
  9. Your pellet sensor is now calibrated. 
  10. Refill your hopper with fresh pellets and Traeger on.

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