Drip Tray Liners

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Learn how to use drip tray liners, when to replace them and how to use foil in place of a Traeger drip tray liner.

What is a Drip Tray Liner?

A drip tray liner is a disposable, heat-resistant sheet of aluminum, specifically designed to fit and protect a grill's drip tray, making for easy clean up after a cook.

Drip Tray Liners on Touchscreen Grills

Touchscreen Timberline & Ironwood models do not have compatible drip tray liners. The EZ Clean nature of these grills' drip trays enables easy cleanup.

WARNING: These models conduct heat more than other models, so liners or even foil can be detrimental to the customer’s grilling success, causing the grill to cook food at a higher temperature than desired.

How Should a Drip Tray Liner Fit?

Drip tray liners should rest entirely on the drain pan and not cover any areas outside of the grease tray, so as not to affect the temperature and performance of the grill.

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Can I Use Foil Instead of a Liner?

You may not always have a new drip tray liner on hand every time you want to grill. In lieu of a drip tray liner, you may use heavy-duty foil. However, even heavy-duty foil is not as sturdy or thick as our liners, so you may find issue with grease not draining as effectively.

When using foil, make sure that the foil fits flush to the drip tray — blocking the sides of the drip tray with unfitted liners may prevent air flow and cause temperature issues.

When Should I Replace My Drip Tray Liner?

Use your discretion on when to replace your drip tray liner. Reference the image below as an indicator of when you should replace yours.drip_tray_liner-when_to_clean.png

'Melted' Drip Tray Liners

At high heat, drip tray liners sometimes fuse to the drip trays. When this happens there is no need to worry. Be mindful of any other issues that may have occurred in conjunction with the melted liner (grill fire, High Temp Error, etc.) and make sure you resolve any of those issues accordingly.


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