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Your Traeger doesn't need to hibernate all winter. When the weather dips below freezing, throw on a Thermal Insulation Blanket and get your smoke on. It’s heat resistant and acts as a buffer between the elements and your grill, which reduces the amount of fuel needed to compensate for freezing outdoor temperatures.

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Safety & Usage

Insulation Blankets are a great way to help your grill reduce pellet consumption in colder climates; however, they are not meant to be used year-round.

Grill & Outside Temperature Safety

We recommend only using an Insulation Blanket under the following conditions:

  • The outside temperature is below 32°F (0°C) 
  • Use only when the grill's temperature is 350°F (176°C) or lower.

Using an an insulation blanket in temperatures above freezing or when setting your grill above 350°F (176°C) could cause damage to the grill and the blanket, and in some cases, fire.

Use with Folding Front Shelves

We do not recommend using insulation blankets on grills when a folding front shelf is installed as the shelf may interfere with the fit of the blanket.

Maintenance & Care

  • Do not machine wash
  • Wipe down the cover with with warm, soapy water or a mild detergent.
  • Do not use harsh chemicals like bleach.

Grill Compatibility

The Traeger Insulation Blanket is custom-designed to fit only specific grills. Since some higher-end grill models are engineered with more insulating technology, those grills do not require extra help to maintain their internal temperature.

The grills below are compatible with Traeger's Insulation Blankets.

  • Eastwood 22
  • Eastwood 34
  • Heartland
  • Homestead 
  • Lil Texas Elite 22  
  • Prairie
  • Pro 20
  • Pro 22
  • Pro 34
  • Pro 575
  • Pro 780
  • Ridgeland
  • Texas Elite 34

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