Small Cavity Hopper Insert

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If your Traeger grill is experiencing tunneling, a Small Cavity Hopper Insert can help. 

What Is a Small Cavity Hopper Insert?

The Small Cavity Hopper Insert is a black, rectangular metal funnel that helps pellets flow into your grill's auger. This hopper insert prevents tunneling, which is when pellets gather on the hopper's sides instead of going into the auger. Tunneling occurs in smaller grills, and it can lead to issues, such as a Low Error Reading message and an inability to maintain set temperatures.

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Compatible Grills

The Small Cavity Hopper Insert fits the grills below:

  • Tailgater 20 w/ ARC Controller
  • Tailgater w/ Digital Elite Controller (discontinued)
  • Bronson 20 (discontinued)
  • JUNIOR 20 (ARC)
  • Junior Elite 20 (discontinued)

Where Can I Buy a Small Cavity Hopper Insert?

If you believe your grill would benefit from a small cavity hopper insert because you are experiencing constant tunneling in your hopper, please reach out to Traeger's Customer Support.


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