Timberline Built-In Trim Kit for Outdoor Kitchens

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The Timberline and Timberline XL have been designed in a way that allows them to be built flawlessly into an outdoor kitchen using our Timberline Outdoor Kitchen Trim Kit.

Timberline Outdoor Kitchen Trim Kit

The trim kit is a finishing kit the swaps out the grill's caster wheels for leveling feet and adds a trim piece at the bottom of the grill for a clean, seamless look. 


The Timberline Built-in Trim Kit is available in two sizes: one for the Timberline and one for the Timberline XL. When selecting which kit to buy, purchase the one compatible with your model.

Trim Kit Contents

  • Kickplate (Timberline: 39 3/10", 99.8 cm; XL: 50 13/16", 129.5 cm)
  • 4 foot brackets
  • 4 leveling feet
  • 6' extension cord for the induction cooktop
  • 2 screws with large washers
  • Spare Parts: 5 screws & washers

How to Install the Timberline Outdoor Kitchen Trim Kit

Tools Needed:

  • Phillips screwdriver (included with grill)
  • Allen wrench (included with grill)
  • 5/16" wrench (included with grill)
  • Level (recommended; not included with grill)

If you are installing the Timberline Outdoor Kitchen Trim Kit on a new, unassembled grill, start at Step 6.

  1. Unplug the grill and remove all internal components.
  2. Clean the grill, remove the Grease & Ash Keg, and empty all pellets from the hopper.
  3. Use strong tape to secure the lid closed, and with two people, flip the grill on its back.
  4. Remove the caster wheels.
    • Save these screws for assembling the trim kit. If screws are damaged, spares are included in the spare parts bag.
  5. With the grill laying on its back, install the four brackets in place of the caster wheels.
    • Use four screws and four washers per foot.
    • Leave screws loose until all screws are placed, then tighten to finish. 
  6. Screw in the four leveling feet.
  7. Using two people, bring the grill back to a standing position.
  8. Plug in the grill and push the grill into place in the outdoor kitchen.
  9. Slide the grill into place.
  10. Use a wrench and level to adjust the leveling feet and level the grill.
  11. Screw the bottom trim piece into the front foot brackets.
  12. Reassemble your grill by referring to the grill's Assembly Guide.

Building a Custom Outdoor Kitchen with Your New Timberline


Download the Contractor's Guide for Build-In Instructions here.

  • The Build-in Instructions document is written with contractors being the intended audience.
  • The guide is intended to allow contractors to create a CUSTOM kitchen that meets the customer's wants and needs. For this reason, the instructions are not a step-by-step guide, nor is there a video -- each outdoor kitchen will be different.

Built-In Grill Requirements

All dimensions and other requirements are also outlined in the contractor's guide.

  • Min. distance between grill and combustibles: 18" (45.7 cm)
  • Min. distance between backsplash and back of grill (for exhaust): 2" / 5.1 cm
  • Counter depth:
    • Minimum: 24" / 61 cm
    • Recommended: 30" / 76.2 cm
  • Min. Counter Width: 25 3/4" /  65.4 cm
  • Counter height (suggested): 36" / 91.44 cm (Standard counter height)
  • Max. Backsplash height: 39 27/32" / 101.2 cm
  • Grill Opening:
    • Timberline: 39 3/10 / 99.8 cm
    • Timberline XL: 50 13/16" / 129.5 cm

Clarifications on Common Questions in the Build-In Instructions

  • Pg 3, 4 & 5 - Minimum Distance/Clearance to Combustibles: Page 3 advises customers to maintain a minimum distance of 18" (45.7 cm) from any nearby combustibles (meaning firewood, paper, rubber, plastic, etc. -- contractors should know what all combustibles are), however, on pages 4 and 5, the instructions recommends a clearance of less than half an inch on either side
    • Some people build their outdoor kitchens as a standalone in the middle of their yard. Page 3 is referring to those who build their grill up against a wall like their deck or their house.
      The clearance on pages 4 & 5 is referring to the clearance between the side of the outdoor kitchen structure. correct; the built-in grills will need to maintain a clearance of less than half an inch on either side.
  • Page 4 - Cabinet Design and Measurements (Minimums): Does the design have to be the same as this?
    • We're giving minimums; not what to do. Customers are free to customize their kitchen as they wish, provided they meet at least the minimum measurements. 
    • You cannot go smaller on width because cooktop won't fit, and you cannot go smaller on depth because of exhaust requirements.
  • Page 9 & 10 - Induction Cooktop Ventilation & Partition
    • Make sure intake and exhaust are partitioned separately so that the air doesn't mix between the two. If you're not closing it into a space and leaving it open, you don't need to partition separately.
    • Make sure there's empty space below the cabinet. If you want to make use of the cabinet, you need at least 4.5 inches below the cooktop. 

Built-In Outdoor Kitchen FAQs

Is there a compatible, pre-produced outdoor kitchen I can buy?

  • There is no off-the-shelf or already-produced kitchen that someone can buy that has all the details correct for the Timberline.

How does the induction hob side shelf work with a built-in outdoor kitchen?

  • The left shelf is removed from the grill and the induction cooktop is installed into the countertop.
  • This requires a skilled individual to build the countertop and cabinet correctly as proper airflow in the enclosure is critical for the longevity of the induction cooktop.

I thought modifying my grill voids my warranty. Will this void my warranty?

  • Following these instructions will not void your warranty on a Timberline or Timberline XL ONLY.
    • We have designed and tested the Timberline and Timberline XL models to be built into an outdoor kitchen. When modifying your grill to be built into your outdoor kitchen, use our installer instructions to ensure that your modifications follow best practices.
  • Modifying any model other than a Timberline or Timberline XL WILL void that grill's warranty.  

The Build-In Instructions mention closed cell foam rubber. Does this come with the trim kit?

  • The closed cell foam rubber does not come with the trim kit. It can be purchased from most hardware stores or wherever the contractor gets the other supplies used to build the outdoor kitchen. Contractors should be familiar with closed cell foam rubber as it is used often when building in cooktops in kitchens. 

What is the extension cord for that comes with the trim kit?

  • The extension cord allows customers to place their induction cooktop up to 6' farther from the grill, if desired. 
  • The hardwired cord plugs into the extension cord, and the extension cord plugs into the grill.

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