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Information on Traeger's Ranger grill.


Model Numbers

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TFT18KLDC Canada Active
TFT18KOF (Tito's Edition) USA Discontinued
TFT18SMD USA Discontinued



Owner's Manual English
Pg 15 Startup: When igniting your grill, ignite with lid closed. 


Useful Troubleshooting Resources for Your Ranger Grill

Below are links help you get the most out of your Ranger, whether it's learning best-use practices or how to resolve common issues.

Operating Your Ranger How to start/ignite your Ranger
How to shut down/turn off your Ranger
How to season your Ranger
Cleaning your Ranger
Error Messages & Notifications Grill Notifications
Temperature Management Portable Grill Temperature Issues
Grill Running too Cool
Temperature Swings

Accessing a Ranger's Interior


Ranger Startup Tips to Avoid Overheating

  1. Upon startup, set the controller temperature toSMOKE, leaving the lidopenuntil the temperature on the smoke peaks.
    • Peak means it slows down and stalls on a temperature and stays there; however, this temperature will vary based on the outside temperature.
  2. Once the temperature peaks, shut the lid and leave onSMOKE for an additional 10 minutes.  The temperature will typically overshoot to approximately 200°F (remember, overshooting is normal) and then correct itself back down to approximately 160°F. This fluctuation may repeat, but it should settle after one or two fluctuations..
    • If the temperature stays calm after 10 minutes:
      1. Increase the controller to the desired temperature and allow it to preheat completely. 
    • If the grill overshoots above 200°F:
      1. Open the lid again to let out some heat until the temperature drops to 150°F.
      2. Shut the lid.
      3. Observe if the temperature regulates.
    • If the temperature doesn't regulate, seeAC Grill Running too Hotto troubleshoot further.


Controller ARC Controller
Startup Procedure

Closed-Lid Startup

Assembled Dimensions

21" L x 20" W x 13" H

53.4 cm L x 50.8 cm W x 33 cm H

Assembled Weight

45 lbs

20.5 kg

Package Dimensions

23" L x 20" W x 15" H

58.42 cm L x 50.8 cm W x 38.1 cm H

Package Weight

60.3 lbs

27.4 kg

Grate Dimensions

16" L x 11" D 

40.6 cm L x 28 cm D 

Total Grilling Area

176 sq. in.

447 sq. cm

Hopper Capacity

8 lbs

3.6 kg

Maximum Temperature 450°F  232°C
Temperature Variance ±25°F ±14.75°F
Meat Probe Count 1
BTUs 16,000
Exhaust System Downdraft
Pellet Evacuation Manual
Pellet Sensing No
Super Smoke No





Carry Case BAC502: Traeger To-Go Bag
Cover BAC475: Traeger Scout & Ranger Grill Cover
Drip Tray Liner BAC458: Drip Tray Liners - 5 Pack
Grease Bucket Liner BAC459: Mini Grease Bucket Liners - 5 Pack
Griddle BAC460: Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Griddle
Meat Probe BAC431: Traeger Replacement Meat Probe - 2 Pack
Power Inverter BAC287: Traeger High Efficiency Power Inverter


Replacement Parts



Auger Auger Assembly KIT0369: Auger Assembly: Ranger
Auger Motor KIT0020: Auger Motor Kit AC
Controller KIT0372: ARC Controller: Ranger
Drip Tray KIT0385: Drip Tray: Ranger


Induction Fan KIT0469: Draft Inducer Fan 120 V Kit: Ranger


Firepot KIT0371: Hopper Burner Assembly: Ranger
Firepot with Hot Rod KIT0467: Firepot & Hot Rod 120 V TFT18KLD Kit
Grates Main Grate HDW422: Grill Grate: Scout, Ranger
Griddle BAC460: Porcelain Coated Cast Iron Griddle
Grease Bucket HDW253: Bucket (GALV) Small: Scout, Ranger
Hopper  Hopper Extension KIT0374: Hopper Extension: Ranger
Hopper Lid KIT0375: Hopper Lid: Ranger
Hopper Lid Knob KIT0349: Hopper Lid Knob Kit
Hot Rod Hot Rod KIT0088: Hot Rod Kit, AC
Firepot with Hot Rod KIT0467: Firepot & Hot Rod 120 V TFT18KLD Kit
Legs KIT0801: Foot Cover: Ranger
Lid Door Catch KIT0228: Door Catch Kit: Ranger
Lid Assembly KIT0376: Lid Assembly: Ranger
Lid Handle KIT0368: Door Handle: Ranger
Lid Hinge KIT0459: Lid Hinge Assembly Kit: Scout, Ranger
Meat Probe Wired Meat Probe BAC289: Meat Probe 1 (Black)
Power Cord KIT0089: 120 V Electrical Cord, Fixed, AC
RTD KIT0373: 2" RTD: Ranger

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