Flame Out Error - Timberlines & Ironwoods

What's in This Article?

Information on what the "Flame Out" Error means on a Timberline or Ironwood grill and what to do when this occurs. 



The flame sensor no longer detects a flame in the firepot.

  • No pellets in the firepot
    • Running out of pellets
  • Old firmware or incorrect config version
  • Strong wind blowing directly into the downdraft exhaust

What Does the Grill Do when this Message Occurs?

The grill will shut down and go into a short cool-down period of 5 minutes.

What to Do

  1. Check your hopper to make sure you haven't run out of pellets.
  2. Confirm your grill's firmware is up to date.
  3. Was there strong wind when the error triggered?
    This error can trigger when winds stronger than 30 mph are blowing into the downdraft exhaust for longer than 10 minutes. 
    • If so, the error should clear once restarted. Position the grill so the exhaust is facing toward a wall or at least so the wind is not blowing directly into the downdraft exhaust.
  4. Remove your grill grates, drip tray, and heat shield and verify your firepot is installed correctly.
  5. Check pellet quantity and quality in the firepot and at the end of the auger tube.
    • No pellets could indicate an auger jam or clumped pellets.
    • Excess pellets could indicate the hot rod not heating. Remove excess pellets before continuing.
    • Dry or crumbling pellets or sawdust will prevent the grill from maintaining flame.
  6. Run SELF-TEST to check if all components are responding to the motherboard. 
  7. Next, Run a full cook cycle to see if any residual errors come up.
    1. If no errors arise: the grill is fine.
    2. If the error persists, continue troubleshooting. 

IMPORTANT: Before proceeding

To continue you'll need to remove your hopper service panel. To remove this panel for the first time, you'll want to use an impact driver to remove the screws behind the P.A.L rail on your hopper service panel. 

  1. If this is your first time removing the hopper service panel and you don't have an impact driver of your own. Contact our customer support team and we'll send you a complimentary manual impact driver.
    • If you already have a manual impact driver, proceed to removing the hopper service panel.
    • If you have already removed the service panel screws, you can disregard the impact driver and use a regular Phillips screwdriver.
  2. Once you've removed the screws using the impact driver, continue with the next steps outlined here in this article.

Once you have your hopper service panel removed:

  1. Manually confirm the auger motor connection is secure and undamaged. 
    1. Remove the hopper service panel and the Smart Combustion cover. 
    2. Disconnect and reconnect the auger motor connection, confirming the connection is secure.
  2. Run a SELF-TEST.
    1. On the controller display, go to MENU>MAINTENANCE & CARE>SELF-TEST.   
    2. If no errors arrive during the SELF-TEST, the grill is fine.
    3. If the error still persists: Contact Customer Support.

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