Traeger Firmware Not Updating

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Is your grill's firmware on a previous version? Let's get you updated so your grill keeps working at its optimal state.

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How Do I Update My Grill's Firmware?

Your Traeger grill should update automatically on its own whenever Traeger releases a new update.

  • New Grill? If you have a new grill, the firmware that was installed at the factory may be a previous version than the current one. Once you connect your grill to WiFi it should begin downloading any available updates automatically.

Your grill will attempt to update automatically up to four times. After the fourth failed attempt the grill will stop trying, and it will not make another attempt until the next update. 

To make sure your grill updates on its own, we suggest leaving it plugged in with the power button in the ON position (this is what we refer to as standby or idle mode) when not in use so that it can apply updates when you're not using it instead of during the startup or shut down cycles.

Can I Still Use My Grill on Previous Firmware Versions?

Remember that you can still use a grill with older firmware. Updated firmware optimizes your grill’s performance; some WiFIRE features may be unavailable, but you will still be able to use the grill in every other capacity. 


My Grill Isn't Updating on Its Own

Your grill's firmware can be out of date for a few reasons: 

  • The grill isn't connected to WiFi
  • The signal strength at the time the update was attempted was too low to complete successfully.
  • The grill has too many unsuccessful update attempts 

Continue through the following steps if your grill's firmware isn't updating on its own.

Step 1: Check Your Grill's Firmware

Let's start by making sure your grill actually needs an update! Current firmware versions for each model can be found at

  • If you have a D2 WiFIRE grill (not a touchscreen controller) that is on firmware 02.00.00 or 01.01.04 and older, please contact Traeger Support.

You can find your grill's firmware version in two places:

  1. On your grill's controller display
  2. In the Traeger app 

OPTION 1: Find your firmware version on the grill's controller

  • D2 WiFIRE Grills: Menu > About Grill > Firmware
  • Touchscreen Timberlines & Ironwoods: Menu > About Grill > Display & Software

OPTION 2: Find your firmware in the Traeger app

  1. Open the Traeger App.
  2. Tap the grill icon in the middle of the bottom task bar.
  3. If you have multiple grills, select which grill you want.
  4. On your grill's dashboard, tap, Settings.
  5. Your firmware version is listed next to FIRMWARE.

 Step 2: Verify Your Grill is Connected to WiFi

Make sure your grill is connected to WiFi.

On your grill's controller, navigate to MENU > WIFIRE CONNECTIVITY > ABOUT GRILL > WIFIRE CONNECTIVITY. Your WiFi network should be listed. 

If your grill is not connected to your home WiFi network, forget the existing network if there is one, and proceed to connect your grill to WiFi

Once connected, leave your grill in standby mode (the power switch is in the ON position, but the grill is not running) for a few hours or overnight. 

Step 3: Check for Grill Notifications

Your grill will often notify you if something is wrong. Does your grill's controller show either of the following messages?

  • Downloading Files: This usually only appears during the initial pairing process after the connection between your device and your grill is established. The grill gets stuck on a message saying, "Downloading Files," before the pairing process completes. 
    1. If grill is visible on app, select REMOVE GRILL
    2. On controller, go to MENU > WIFI INFORMATION.
    3. Select, Forget Network
    4. Power cycle the grill, making sure it is off for at least 10 seconds before powering on. 
  • Update in Progress: Your grill will display, "Update in Progress," as it updates. The time it takes to update your firmware depends on the size of the update and the strength of your WiFi connection.
    1. Power Cycle the grill.
    2. In some cases, the controller may be stuck permanently (bricked). If stuck, continue troubleshooting and replace the controller if additional steps do not work.


Step 4: Use our WiFi Self-Help App to Find Network Issues

Traeger has partnered with RouteThis Helps to create a custom WiFi diagnostics app that will analyze your home network and find ways to improve your grill's connection.

If the grill still won't update, give our Customer Support a call and we'll be happy to help get your grill updated!


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