Pairing Your Induction Cooktop

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How to pair an induction cooktop to a new Timberline grill.

Your Induction Cooktop pairs directly with your grill rather than with your app. Once paired with your grill, you may then use the Traeger app to monitor your cooktop.

How to Pair an Induction Cooktop to Your Traeger Grill

To ensure the Traeger® Induction Cooktop is ready to pair, plug the Induction Cooktop into the grill. This plug is located on the back of the grill behind the hopper. With the grill main power switch in the ON position and the Induction Cooktop plugged in, the unit will power on and the Bluetooth will begin broadcasting.

  1. Turn on your grill and wake up your controller display.
  2. Plug the cooktop into the grill by extending the power cord behind the grill and plugging it into the outlet behind the hopper. 
    • Tip: Use the hopper cable clips, located on the back of the grill, to keep the cooktop cord secure.
  3. Once plugged in, the lights above the Bluetooth icon on the cooktop dial will begin to pulse. This indicates that the Induction Cooktop is broadcasting its signal.
    • If the Bluetooth lights do not flash, unplug the cooktop and plug it back into the grill.
  4. A pop-up should appear on the grill display: "Traeger Induction Cooktop Detected. Would you like to pair this device to your grill?"
  5. Tap, Connect Accessory.
    1. If you missed or closed out of the pop-up too soon, press the Menu button (Top-left button with three horizontal bars).
    2. Navigate to ACCESSORIES > PAIR COOKTOP.
  6. Once your grill successfully connects to your Induction Cooktop, a success screen will appear on the grill.
    • The lights above the Bluetooth icon on your Induction Cooktop will stop pulsing and stay lit up. 
  7. Once paired, the grill will recognize the unit and automatically connect during startup. Your Induction Cooktop will automatically appear on the grill control screen of your Traeger App. 

Can I Pair a Cooktop to Multiple Grills?

Traeger Bluetooth devices can only be paired to one grill at a time. If you have multiple Bluetooth grills and want to use a paired device on another grill, you must forget the device on the first grill and then pair it with the second. 


No Bluetooth Passkey?

If while pairing the grill or accessories, you are not able to obtain a Bluetooth Passcode, take the following steps:

  1. Power off the grill
  2. Unplug the grill from the outlet.
  3. With the grill unplugged, press power button once.
  4. Let power drain for one minute.
  5. After one minute, press power button again.
  6. Plug the grill back into the outlet.
  7. Power on the grill.
  8. Wait for the display to turn back on; can take 5 minutes.

If the grill gets stuck on the "Checking WiFi Connection" or the "Searching for Grill" screens during the pairing process and the grill is unable to pair, follow Stuck on Checking Connection or Searching for Grill Screens - Touchscreen Grills.



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