High Temp Error - D2 Grills

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Understand why your D2 WiFIRE pellet grill threw a High Temp Error and what steps are needed to fix it.

If you have a touchscreen Timberline or Ironwood model, see, High Temp Error - Timberlines & Ironwoods.


Common Causes of High Temp Errors

A High Temp Error is exclusive to WiFIRE-enabled grills. It usually occurs when your grill's temperature reaches 550ºF/285ºC or higher for more than a few minutes. These errors are generally caused by excessive grease or ash buildup in the grill, or an improper startup. They may also be caused by cooking with a sear grate while the grill is set to 500°. The recommended temperature when using a sear grate is 475°.

How to Resolve a High Temp Error on a D2 WiFIRE Grill

To clear your Traeger grill's High Temp Error, please take the steps below:

  1. Turn off and unplug your grill.  
  2. Clean out the firepot.
  3. Place 5-10 pellets back into the firepot.
  4. Plug and restart your grill.
    • D2 grills require a closed-lid startup, meaning you should preheat your grill with the lid shut. Failure to do so can result in temperature irregularities throughout your cook. Use the directions below to perform a closed-lid startup:
      1. Close your grill's lid.
      2. Turn on your gill.
      3. Set your desired temperature.
      4. Press Ignite.
  5. If you still see a High Temp Error after you've restarted your grill, please clear your notifications. Then on your controller, navigate to Menu > Settings > Clear Notifications.
  6. If the issue persists, please contact Customer Support.

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