Pellet Sensor Installation - D2 Grills

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How to install/replace a pellet sensor in a D2 WiFIRE grill.

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How to Install a Pellet Sensor on a D2 WiFIRE Grill

To install a Traeger Pellet Sensor, ask the customer to follow the steps below, or watch our easy-to-follow Traeger Pellet Sensor installation video.

  1. Power off and unplug the grill and empty pellets from the hopper. 

  2. Remove the hopper safety grate. 

  3. Place a cloth over the auger tube to avoid losing screws. 

  4. Remove hopper screws. 

  5. Wipe down the inside of the hopper to remove any remaining pellet dust. 

  6. Remove the rubber grommet. 

  7. Connect the wire from the hopper to the wires from the pellet sensor. 

  8. Screw the pellet sensor to the hopper interior using the screws you removed in step 4. 

  9. Remove the cloth from the auger tube. 

  10. Replace the hopper safety grate. 

  11. Refill the hopper with pellets, plug in, and turn on the grill. 

  12. Calibrate the pellet sensor.



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