Hot Rod & Firepot Replacement Instructions for D2 WiFIRE Grills

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Replacing the hot rod on your Traeger grill is easy. In a few simple steps you should be back grilling in no time.

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These steps are for our D2 WiFIRE-enabled grills. If you're replacing a hot rod or a firepot on a WiFIRE grill that has a touchscreen or on a grill without WiFi connectivity (AC), click on the link below that's right for your grill.

Applicable SKUs

Use this article when replacing a hot rod or firepot on an Traeger pellet grill without WiFi using any of the following SKUs:

  • Firepot only: KIT0396, KIT0427, KIT0548
  • Hot rod only: KIT0255
  • Firepot & Hot Rod combo kit: KIT0321, KIT0382, KIT0383

Replacement Instructions

Instructions for Hot Rods only vs Firepots only vs Combo Kits

The videos and instructions below can be adapted to the type of part you're replacing. Both sets of instructions below go through steps to replace the hot rod, which requires removing and re-installing the firepot. 

  • Replacing a Hot Rod only: Follow instructions as outlined
  • Replacing a Firepot only: Disregard steps to disconnect the old hot rod and replace with a new one. 
  • Replacing a Firepot-Hot Rod Combo: Disregard the steps to remove the hot rod from the firepot and installing the hot rod into the new firepot.

If you have any questions as you go through these steps, contact our Customer Support Team.

  1. Turn off and unplug the grill. Make sure the grill is cool to the touch.
  2. Open the lid and remove the grill grates, drip tray and heat baffle.
  3. Vacuum out any residual ash and pellets from the firepot.
  4. Remove the four screws that secure the firepot to the auger tube.
  5. Push the firepot away from the hopper, rotate it 45° and lift it out to expose the hot rod wires. 
  6. Disconnect the hot rod wire connector.
    • You may need to cut zip ties to do this more easily.
  7. Loosen the set screw that secures the hot rod in place to the firepot.
  8. Remove the hot rod from the firepot.
  9. Insert the new hot rod into the firepot, making sure the end of the hot rod is only exposed about 1/8" (4 mm).
  10. Tighten the set screw to secure the hot rod placement in the firepot (do not over-tighten).
  11. Reconnect the hot rod cable connection.
  12. Place the firepot back in place.
  13. Secure the firepot in place using the four screws you removed in step 4. 
  14. Remove the hopper access panel (side or bottom panel, depending on the model), find the hot rod wire, and make sure it's taut.
  15. Replace the heat baffle, drip tray and grill grates.

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