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Understand how to use and care for your Traeger induction cooktop, created exclusively for the Timberline and Timberline XL grills. 


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How Does Induction Work?

Induction cooking heats the cookware directly with a magnetic current. Because the unit uses a magnetic current to heat, the material of the pan must also be ferrous to complete the magnetic field (see Compatible Cookware below). Induction eliminates the need for an open flame or burner, creating a safer cooking experience. The induction technology also provides fast cooking, consistent and precise temperature, and easy clean-up.

Cookware Compatibility

The induction cooktop will work only with cookware that is cast iron, iron, or ferrous stainless steel. The cookware must have a flat base with a minimum diameter of  5.5"/14 cm.

Induction cooktops are not compatible with pottery, glass, aluminum, bronze or copper cookware.

WARNING: Do not use an aluminum pan with a metal disk on the bottom. Under high heat, the metal disk will separate from the pan. These pans may damage your cooktop and void your cooktop's warranty.


Using Your Induction Cooktop


Setting Your Cooktop's Power Level (Temperature)

To set a power level, you will need an induction-compatible pan on the surface. The Induction Cooktop will not heat if a pan is not present. 


  1. Turn the control dial to the desired power level and press down. The light ring will blink until you press the dial. 
  2. After pressing the control dial to select the power level, the light ring will turn orange to indicate a hot surface.
    • If the light ring instead turns white and travels back and forth between off and Turbo, the cooktop has entered a Pan Compatibility Check and it is likely that the pan is not induction-compatible. 
    • If the white light travels back and forth and then turns off, the pan is not compatible. The cooktop will continue to auto-shutoff if there is no compatible pan present. 

The induction cooktop has 11 power level settings: 1 - 10 and TURBO.

While power levels are not associated with specific temperatures, we have provided suggested cooking methods associated with each power level. Just like working on a stove, the pan's temperature will depend on the material, content in the pan and outside variables.  

  • Power Level Cooking Method
    1 Warm
    2 Simmer
    3 Low
    4 Caramelize
    5 Pan Roast
    6 Medium
    7 Saute
    8 Brown
    9 High
    10 Sear

Changing Your Power Level during a Cook

To change the power level on the cooktop, simply turn the control dial to a new power level and press the dial to confirm the selection. 

  • For safety regulations, users cannot change their cooktop's power level from the app.

Turning off Your Induction Cooktop

IMPORTANT: Do not turn off the power or unplug the grill before this cycle is complete.

You can turn off your cooktop two different ways:

  1. Press and hold down the control dial for three seconds.
  2. Turn the dial to OFF and press the dial to select.

The light ring will initiate a cool-down cycle by displaying a counter-clockwise spinning orange light ring. The light ring will stop spinning orange when this cycle is complete.

Monitoring Your Cooktop during a Cook

You can monitor your induction cooktop from either the grill's controller display or directly from the Traeger app.

Monitoring Your Cooktop from Your Grill

When the cooktop is paired and connected to the grill, the grill dashboard will display the power level (e.g. TURBO) and the status (whether it is on or off, indicated by a teal dot) of the cooktop.

Monitoring Your Cooktop from the Traeger App

Once your cooktop is paired and connected to the grill, the Induction Cooktop tile will appear on the grill control screen in the Traeger app. 

Understanding Your Cooktop's Dial Light Signals

Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.08.50_PM.png No light Off/Idle

The cooktop is not plugged in or has gone into idle/sleep mode.

Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.09.15_PM.png White light pulsing above Bluetooth symbol Broadcasting The cooktop is broadcasting its Bluetooth signal to pair with the grill. If this light is not pulsing, turn the unit off and on again to re-enter this broadcasting mode.
White light on and steady above Bluetooth symbol Paired The unit is connected and successfully paired to the grill. 
Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.09.44_PM.png Single white light moving around light ring when turning the dial Power Select From a paired or unpaired state, simply turn the control dial to your desired power level. A single LED will illuminate and blink until confirmed. To confirm and begin heating at the indicated power level, press the dial down. 
Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.10.02_PM.png Orange light illuminates entire light ring Turbo

Turbo is great for high-heat cooking like searing.

NOTE: Induction heats up fast. To avoid overheating, the cooktop will start to intermittently cut back power and recover.

Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.10.17_PM.png Orange light illuminates to a certain level Cooking Confirmation A compatible pan is present, and you have selected and confirmed a power level. When you press the control dial, the light ring will fill to the designated power level and turn orange, indicating a hot surface.
Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.03.35_PM.png White light travels from O to TURBO and back to O Pan Compatibility Check

The unit is searching for compatible cookware on its surface. Once a power level is selected, if the cookware is incompatible or if no pan is present, a white light will travel up to TURBO and back to OFF several times before turning off.

This will also occur if you lift a pan off the surface for more than a few seconds during a cook. 

Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.10.53_PM.png Light ring flashes orange. Overheat Error Hot summer days mixed with TURBO heat for a prolonged duration can sometimes cause an overheat error. If that’s the case, the Induction Cooktop will protect the internal electronics and initiate an overheat error to cool down. Let the Induction Cooktop cool and do not unplug or turn the unit off. 
Screen_Shot_2023-01-10_at_1.11.10_PM.png Orange light rotates counterclockwise Cooldown Cycle The Induction Cooktop will initiate a cool down cycle when you turn the unit off. An orange light will travel around the dial counterclockwise and the fan will continue to run to cool down the cooktop. The light ring will stop spinning when this cycle is complete.


Cleaning Your Induction Cooktop

  1. Turn off the cooktop by pressing and holding the control dial for 3 seconds.
  2. Let the unit complete the cool-down cycle.
  3. Allow the cooktop to cool.
  4. Wipe the exterior with a clean damp cloth and either mild soap or non-chemical cleaners.
    1. For tough residue, you may also use a dedicated glass/ceramic cooktop cleaner.
  5. Thoroughly wipe off any mild soap or cleaners.
  6. When not in use, always cover the cooktop.
  7. Keep the cooktop away from water, both topside and underside.
  8. Do not replace the cover on the cooktop until it has completely cooled.
  9. Keep the cooktop protected from inclement weather, including extreme temperatures and moisture.

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