ModiFIRE Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

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Information on Traeger's Reversible Cast Iron Griddle, part of Traeger's ModiFIRE accessories collection, which feature sit cooking surfaces that sit securely on your grill grates to instantly expand your cooking possibilities.


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Specs & Features

Expand the capabilities of your Traeger grill even more with the ModiFIRE® Reversible Cast Iron Griddle. Designed to fit securely on the grill grate of all ModiFIRE-compatible Traeger grills, this reversible griddle features a flat side that’s ideal for tasks like frying eggs & bacon and a ridged side for getting perfect sear marks. A recessed channel allows grease to drain directly into your grill’s EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg for ultimate convenience. It’s also crafted with cast iron for excellent heat retention and features an enamel coating so it’s ready to cook with right out of the box.

Dimensions 18.2” x 11” x 2.25” 46.2 cm x 28 cm x 5.7 cm
Weight 15.8 lb 7.2 kg
Materials Enamel-coated cast iron
Grill Compatibility

Fits directly and securely on ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates. 

  • Enamel-coated cast iron is easy to maintain and ready to cook with right away
  • Cast iron cooks evenly and sears well
  • Reversible griddle with flat and ribbed sides
  • Handle openings allow easy removal and precise placement
  • Opening allows grease to drain into grill’s EZ-Clean™ Grease & Ash Keg
  • Smooth side has raised walls to capture and direct pooling grease. Use this side for bacon or other grease-heavy foods


Grill Compatibility

ModiFIRE accessories are designed to fit perfectly on ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates, but can still be used with most Traeger grills. Grills with ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates include Traeger Touchscreen WiFIRE-enabled grills:

  • Ironwood
  • Ironwood XL
  • Timberline
  • Timberline XL

The ModiFIRE Reversible Cast Iron Griddle is the perfect size to fit parallel with the grill grates, as seen in the image below, and has notches that fit perfectly in ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates, locking it securely in place.


Grills that do not have ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates can still use these accessories, though you may need to adjust the position the griddle on the grates and the distance between grate bars may not allow for the griddle to fit securely like it would with ModiFIRE®-compatible grill grates. 


  • Do not drop skillet on Traeger® Induction Cooktop.
  • Never immerse or introduce hot cast-iron products into cold water. Thermal shock can cause deterioration or even cracks due to sudden changes in temperature.
  • Avoid impact with hard surfaces or kitchen utensils. A hard impact can cause damage to the enamel.

How to Season Your Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Unlike traditional cast iron, Traeger cast iron does not require a "seasoning process."

  1. Before first use, wash the product with warm water and soap, and dry thoroughly.
  2. Now it is ready for use!

After a few uses, you may see a patina (smooth, thin, dark film) on the cooking surface. This is the result of cooking natural fats and oils on the enamel surface. This is normal and beneficial, as it prevents food from sticking. Burned or sticky foods should always be scraped and cleaned from the surface.

How to Clean Your Reversible Cast Iron Griddle

Clean with regular dish soap and water once cast iron has cooled to a suitable handling temperature. Avoid steel sponges or abrasive cleaners; rather, use a plastic scraper, stiff brush, or dish sponge. Dry with a towel.

Traeger enameled cast iron is dishwasher-safe, but the dishwasher will remove the patina over time.


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