Power Tools & Stripped Screws

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This article explains why using a screwdriver over a drill is best for our grills and how to remove stripped screws. 


Using Power Tools

When it comes to removing screws from your Traeger grill, whether this might be to install a folding front shelf, or perhaps you need to replace your controller, you might be wondering what type of tools are best for the job?

You should receive a hardware kit with an orange Philips screwdriver with each grill purchase. This tool is best for removing any screws in your grill or accessories.

Why Use a Screwdriver Over a Drill?

Although electric drills are more time-efficient, they are harder to control the speed/torque and thus can be more unpredictable. A drill is far more likely to cross-thread the screw when starting, strip when tightening or over-torque, and snap the screw, and having a screw stuck inside your grill is no way to spend a beautiful day when you should be grillin'!


Stripped Screws

If you are using a screwdrivers and screwing all screws by hand, you should not have issues with stripping screws. However, should you have a stripped screw, there are several methods you can try:

  • Use a rubber band between the screw and the screwdriver
  • Use a product like Screw Grab
  • Use screw removal bits made specifically for stripped screws
  • Use a rotary tool on the screw to re-create a ridge for your screwdriver to latch onto
  • If you're trying to remove stripped screws for the first time, contact Customer Support to receive an impact driver

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