Auger Not Turning

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If the auger on your grill isn't turning or spinning, follow the steps below to determine the problem's source.

An auger does not continuously spin and will pause between turning. This is completely normal behavior.


Check your power source

  1. Plug in your grill. The controller should light up.
  2. Check the outdoor outlet to ensure it works.
  3. If the grill does not have power, see Non-WiFIRE Grill Power Issues.

See if the auger motor pin is in place

If your grill has WiFi, skip this step.

  1. See Auger Motor Pin to learn what an auger pin is and where to find it.
  2. If the auger pin is missing, check the hopper and jiggle the grill to see if it is loose inside the grill.
  3. Check the area around the grill to ensure the auger pin did not drop or fall out during assembly.​​​​​​​
  4. If you can't find the auger pin, call Customer Support.

Check if the auger motor fan is spinning

If your grill has WiFi, skip this step.

Auger motors in grills without WiFIRE technology have a small, white fan attached to the motor that spins when the grill is running. If the fan is spinning, it means the auger motor is working.

  1. If the fan isn't spinning, make sure wires aren't blocking it from turning. Try flicking it to see if it's stuck with built-up grime. 
  2. Confirm the auger motor is connected to 
  3. If the fan still doesn't spin, you may need to replace the auger motor. Continue through the remaining steps to make sure 

Check if the auger is jammed

  1. On a cool grill, remove the grates, drip pan and heat baffle so you can see the end of the auger tube.
  2. Grab hold of the end of the auger and try to turn it manually. 
  3. If the auger won't spin, it's likely jammed with wet or clumped pellets. Go to the article below that matches the type of grill you have to learn how to clear an auger jam:

Check the auger motor for damage and wiring connections

  1. If your grill has a hopper service panel, remove the panel.
    • This is either the side or bottom panel of the hopper. If your grill doesn't have a service panel, you should be able to look up into the bottom of the hopper to view the internal mechanical components.
  2. Inspect the auger motor for any damage, such as cracks or visibly broken spots.
  3. make sure the auger is plugged into the controller or the motherboard (depending on model). Unplug and reconnect the auger motor to ensure a solid connection. 

  4. Turn on the grill and ignite to see if the auger begins to turn. 
  5. If no damage is visible, but the auger still will not work, please contact Customer Support for further troubleshooting assistance. 


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