Replacing a Downdraft Exhaust Cover

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This article will cover how to replace the downdraft exhaust cover (also called a backpack) on a D2 grill.

Note: On touchscreen grills, the downdraft exhaust is part of the lid. If the exhaust cover needs to be replaced, it requires that the whole lid be replaced.


Timberline 1300 Downdraft Exhause.png Ironwood 650 downdraft.png


Steps to Replace a Downdraft Exhaust Cover

Tools Needed: Phillips Screwdriver

  1. Remove the screws holding on the downdraft exhaust cover. Number of screws will vary depending on the grill model.
    Downdraft Exhaust.jpg
  2. Remove old exhaust cover.
    Downdraft Cover Removed.jpg
  3. Position the new downdraft exhaust cover, ensuring the screw holes are lined up.
  4. Insert and tighten the screws to secure the new cover.

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