Diagnosing Induction Fan Issues on a D2 WiFIRE Grill

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Information about common issues that can be found and simple steps to replace an induction fan on your D2 WiFIRE Traeger grill.

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Applicable Part Numbers

The issues reviewed in this article apply to Traeger's D2 grills with WiFIRE technology. The part numbers for induction fans on these grills include the following:

  • KIT0411
  • KIT0254
  • KIT0481
  • KIT0353

Induction Fan-Related Errors

Traeger D2 WiFIRE grills produce a variety of notifications and alerts to ensure you stay on top of your grill's health and are aware of any potential issues that may arise. When it comes to your grill's induction fan, the following error is one you may encounter. Click the link below to find how to resolve it.

Noises Coming from Fan

By design, induction fans produce a low, humming sound. On D2 WiFIRE grills, induction fans will turn on and off periodically through the cook and will even run at different speeds, depending on what the controller tells it to do. 

A fan making louder than normal or different sounding noises is usually due to grime built up on the fan. Clicking sounds are likely due to a wire or other object hitting the fan while it's spinning.

  1. Check the inside of the hopper by removing the bottom grill grate to see if you can locate if something, such as a wire zip tie is hitting the fan.
  2. If there is nothing visibly hitting the fan, manually spin the fan with your hand to help break up any grime that has built up.
  3. If the fan emits a "shrill sound," the ball bearing is misaligned and the induction fan needs to be replaced.

Fan not Turning

If the induction fan is not turning, it may be disconnected or need to be replaced.

  1. If the fan not turning is accompanied by a Fan Disconnected error on the controller, see 'Fan Disconnected' - D2 Error.
  2. Turn off and unplug the grill.
  3. Unscrew the controller and pull it out enough to see the wires connected to the back.
  4. Check if the fan is correctly connected to the controller (connector with the black, red, white, and tan wires).
    D2 Controller Wiring Connections.png
    • See D2 Grill Wiring for additional details on wiring connections on D2 WiFIRE grills.
    • The wire harness is hardwired to the induction fan, so this is the only manual connection point you need to check.
  5. Disconnect and reconnect to ensure a solid connection, even if the harness appears to be connected.
  6. Plug in and power on the grill and check if the error has cleared.
  7. Remove the bottom or side panel of the hopper so you can view the grill's internal components and locate the induction fan.
  8. Ignite the grill so you can check if the fan starts spinning.
    • Fan spins: Success! Reconnecting the wires to the controller fixed the issue.
    • Fan doesn't spin: Replace the induction fan.
      • Fan continues not to spin after replacing the induction fan:
        1. Stop and review the scenario and previous cases. Make sure there aren't other issues at hand. Confirm the customer installed the fan correctly.
        2. If all looks correct, replace the controller.

Melted Fan

Occurrences of melted fans are rare. When this happens, it is likely due to the fan being installed backward. When the fan is installed backward, the fan to pull the hot air from the barrel into the hopper cavity instead of pushing air into the barrel, which heats up the hopper more than it's designed to accommodate and can melt the fan.

If you find that your grill's induction fan is melted, you'll need to replace it, ensuring you install the new one facing the correct direction. 


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