Pellet Grill Shuts down when Unplugging Meat Probe

What's in This Article?

What to do if your Traeger grill enters shut down mode after removing a wired meat probe from the grill's controller. 


When a wired meat probe is disconnected from the controller, the grill shuts down on its own.

Why Is This Happening?

Your Traeger grill has safety precautions set up in its programming to protect itself from events like power surges. In this situation, you were likely carrying static electricity on your person (i.e. walking on carpet with socks), when you unplugged your meat probe. The grill recognized a power surge and entered shut down mode as a safety precaution.

What to Do

This is a normal function, and your grill will continue to work as designed in future cooks.

To prevent this from happening again, you can ground yourself by touching a part of the grill (like the hopper lid) before plugging in or unplugging your wired meat probe. 


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