Water Collecting in Grill or Grease Keg

What's in This Article?

How to address water collecting in your touchscreen Timberline or Ironwood grill's barrel or grease & ash keg.


Is Water Collecting in My Grill Normal?

Yes! Water getting into your grill's barrel or into your grease and ash keg is a normal scenario for our new touchscreen Timberline and Ironwood models. This scenario was taken into account during development of these models and has been tested thoroughly.

Why Is Water Collecting in My Grill?

You may see water collecting in your grill after grilling in the rain or when the grill is left uncovered in rainy weather. Water gets into the grill from the lid gasket interface where it will then run down the inside surface of the manifold (heat shield) and into the bucket.

What Should I Do?

This is actually normal and a scenario for which we tested extensively to ensure your Traeger grill works in all weather conditions. It will not affect the grill's ability to operate or ignite, even if the pellets get wet. 

Should you find water in your grill's barrel, simply remove the water using a towel or a wet vacuum. 

To prevent water collection, we suggest always storing your grill with one of our all-weather grill covers.


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