Water Test for Grease Management

What's in This Article?

This article covers when and how to do a water test for grease management.


What is a Water Test?

A water test is identifies if grease is flowing properly down the drip tray and into the grease chute without spilling over the sides of the drip tray into the grill's barrel where grease can catch fire more easily. 

This test can determine if a grill is level and if parts were installed correctly.


When is a Water Test Performed?

Water tests are typically done on D2 Timberline 850s and 1300s, most often after a grease fire or when you are concerned about grease pooling.

If your grill is more than 6 months old (with regular use), there is no need to do a water test. 

How to Perform a Water Test

  1. Make sure the grill is level, left to right, and front to back.
  2. Slowly pour water from the top of the drip tray.
  3. The water should flow down directly into the grease chute, without going off the sides of the drip tray.

Please refer to Maintaining & Cleaning Your Traeger Grill for proper grill maintenance.


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