Non-WiFIRE Grill Grounding Wires

What's in This Article?

Every appliance must be grounded for safety reasons, and your Traeger grill is no different. We'll discuss the importance of grounding your investment below. 

Why is Electrical Grounding Important?

Grounding helps protect you and your home from the dangers of damaged circuits or electrical overloads. Without electrical grounding, stray voltage could start a fire, damage appliances, or shock bystanders.

When you're adjusting your grill's electrical components, you must secure your grounding wires to your grill using metal-to-metal contact. 

What Color are Traeger Grills' Grounding Wires?

Traeger grills have several different wires; grounding wires are either green or green and yellow. 

How Do I Install or Reconnect my Grounding Wires?

Your grounding wires should already be attached to your Traeger grill. On the rare occasion that your grill doesn't come with grounding wires, please contact our Customer Service

If you've received a replacement part for your grill and don't know how to reconnect your grounding wires, we're here to help. 

Reconnecting Grounding Wires to Non-WiFIRE Grills

Please take the steps below to reconnect your grounding wires to your Non-WiFIRE Grill:

  1. Take the green grounding wire and screw a bolt over the metal loop.
  2. Connect the grounding wire to the back of your grill's auger motor.
  3. Ground the other end of the grounding wire to a metal contact (e.g: your grill's body).
    NOTE: To avoid electrical problems and properly ground your wires, there must be metal-to-metal contact.

For further assistance, please contact Customer Service


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