Non-WiFIRE (AC) Controller Display Issues

What's in This Article?

This article will review how to troubleshoot display issues with a non-WiFIRE—or AC—controller, such as a blank, cracked, or flickering screen. 

Blank Screen

  1. Make sure the controller is receiving power. You can check this by looking at the other components of the grill.
  2. If no one of the components, or the controller display, is not working, contact Customer Support.

Cracked or Damaged Screen

If your controller has damage that is preventing it from functioning properly, such as a broken knob, burn marks or cracked screen, please contact Customer Support for further assistance. 

Flickering Screen

A flickering screen is usually indicative of a poor connection somewhere on the controller. To verify this, follow the steps below:

  1. Remove the four screws that secure the controller to the hopper.
  2. Disconnect and reconnect the various connections.
  3. If this does not resolve the issue, contact Customer Support.

Missing, Dimmed, or Partial Numbers

If any of the display numbers are missing sections or are dimmed, please contact Customer Support.

Other Issues

If you are experiencing any of the other following issues, please contact Customer Support.

  1. The grill components are turning on, but the digital display does not (i.e. blank screen).
  2. The digital display only shows 3 dashes (---).
  3. The display only shows 888.
  4. Error codes are stuck on the display, even after unplugging the grill.

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