Error: Something Went Wrong

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How to resolve the message during pairing: Something Went Wrong.

Common Causes

Getting the error, "Something Went Wrong," during pairing can be caused by the following scenarios:

  • The app can connect to the grill during the initial pairing process, but the grill isn't able to connect to the home WiFi network. 
  • The WiFi network the grill is trying to connect to doesn't have a password.

Resolving a "Something Went Wrong" Error

  1. Verify that your home network router is functioning properly by checking out Home WiFi Set-Up and that your WiFi network name and password were entered correctly. If necessary, please take the steps below
    • Restart the router.
    • Turn the grill off and back on.
    • Restart the app before attempting to connect to the grill.
  2. Add a password or create a guest network with a password.
    • The password must abide by the following:
      •  Between 8-32 characters
      • 1 capital letter, 1 number, no special characters (unless allowed with your home network. If a password with special characters continues to generate the error, create a password with no special characters)

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