Grill Can't Find My Home WiFi Network

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You've got your new WiFIRE-enabled grill, you've got it assembled, and now you're ready to get it connected to the internet so you can do your first cook. The only problem is as you begin the pairing process, you don't see your home WiFi network available on your grill.

**NOTE: The steps documented in this article cover the scenario when your home WiFi network doesn't show up as an option on your grill when pairing. If your app displays an error saying it couldn't find the network, refer to the appropriate troubleshooting documentation below:

Find Network Issues with Our Custom WiFi Self-Help App 

We at Traeger have partnered with RouteThis to create a custom WiFi self-help app for both iOS and Android that analyzes your home WiFi network and finds areas of improvement to help you get your grill connected.

  1. Download the RouteThis Helps app for iOS or Android.
  2. Open the app and tap Begin.
  3. Enter the code, TRGR.
  4. Stand next to your grill and tap, Network Scan. Keep the app open during the 2-minute scan.
  5. Tap Improve Traeger Performance and follow the instructions in the app to improve your network connectivity.

Check Your Internet Service Provider's (ISP) Status

Before trying anything, have you checked to make sure your home WiFi is up and running? Check to see if any of your other devices connected to the same network are currently working while connected.

Check Your Grill's Location

What's the Distance between the Grill & the Router?

The grill should be as close to your router as possible, ideally within 30ft/10m.

Is Your Grill Facing toward Your Router?

The controller should face the router for best signal reception. If you have a Timberline model, make sure that the antenna is installed under the hopper. It simply screws into bottom of the hopper. Unscrew the controller and check the antennae wire has not been disconnected from the controller.

Check How Many Barriers Are in between the Grill & the Router

Masonry and steel building materials will reduce signal strength considerably, as will a router located in a basement or behind pipes/wires. If there is no way to move the router closer to the grill, consider investing in a network booster or extender.

Disable Firewalls

Do you have any firewalls or other security measures in place that would prevent your WiFi from being discoverable? If so, you may need to whitelist your grill to allow connection.

If you have Apple HomeKit enabled, you should disconnect it because it creates firewalls that may prevent your grill from connecting. Once connected, you can re-enable your Apple HomeKit with no issue.

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