Device to use with Traeger? TR-1DE5

What's in This Article?

This article explains what to do if, when going through the pairing process, you receive a message saying, Device to use with Traeger? TR-1DE5.

What Happens When I Get This Message?

When attempting to connect your grill to WiFi, you get the message: Device to use with Traeger? TR-1DE5, and you no longer have the option to connect to the WiFi network you were trying to connect to.

Why Did I Get This Message?

This notification indicates that your grill is trying to connect to itself rather than your home WiFi network. It's usually caused by complications with mobile data being turned on or by having a firewall in place that's preventing your grill from connecting.

What Should I Do to Resolve This Message?

Follow the steps below to try and pair successfully:

  1. Turn off mobile data on your mobile device during the pairing process. (Don't forget to turn your mobile data back on after you're done pairing!)
  2. If you have Apple HomeKit enabled, disable it in your phone's settings (You can re-enable it once successfully connected).  
  3. If you have any firewalls or VPNs set up, either turn them off temporarily during the pairing process or whitelist the grill.
    • Power cycle your router before trying to pair again.
  4. Attempt to connect your grill again.
  5. If you still cannot connect, contact Customer Support.

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