Wired Meat Probe Troubleshooting

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Let's resolve issues you may encounter when using your Traeger wired meat probe.

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Using Your Wired Meat Probe

How to use your wired meat probe

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Troubleshooting Troubleshooting wired meat probe issues on touchscreen WiFIRE grills


Inaccurate Probe Temp - Calibrating Your Probe

A properly working Traeger meat probe will read within 7.5°F of the actual temperature. Depending on your model's features, you may have the ability to calibrate your meat probe.

Non-Connected Grill (No WiFi; Hopper on the Left)

Grills without WiFi don't have a calibration feature; however, you can use the steps below to understand how far off your meat probe reads so you can adjust accordingly in future cooks.

  1. Create an ice bath by completely filling a glass with ice.
  2. Fill the glass with just enough water that it reaches roughly 1/2 inch from the top. 
    • If you see that ice is floating off the bottom of the cup, gradually pour some water out until the ice rests at the bottom.
  3. Place the probe in the ice bath. Stir gently for 1 minute to get an accurate reading.
    • The probe should read 32°F/0°C.
  4. Determine how far off the probe is reading and adjust probe goals accordingly.
  5. If the probe reads more than 7.5°F/13°C off, replace the probe.

D2 WiFIRE-Enabled Grill (WiFIRE Connectivity; Hopper on the Right)

Only WiFIRE-enabled D2 grills have a calibrate and offset feature. Non-connected grills and new Timberline & Ironwood grills do not have a calibrate option.

  1. Create an ice bath for a perfectly 32°F/0°C environment by filling a glass completely full of ice so when you add water, the ice is not floating.
  4. Place the probe in the ice bath. Stir gently for 1 minute to get an accurate reading. Looking at the app, the probe should read 32°F (0°C).
  5. If the probe is reading off greater than 15°F (9°C), contact our Customer Support team so we can help get it resolved.
  6. If the probe is within 15°F (9°C), use the PROBE OFFSET function. This feature works like a scale's 'tare' feature, offsetting the temp by the amount it's off.
    2. Select PROBE OFFSET.
    3. Rotate the dial to adjust the probe temperature offset in 1° increments, from -15° to +15°F/-8° to +8°C.
      1. The default setting is 0, so if this is the first time you have adjusted the offset, you will be able to increase or decrease the offset by 15°F.
    4. Press the center of the dial to confirm your offset amount.

Broken Meat Probe

If your meat probe breaks, please contact Customer Support. We'll be happy to get you set up with a new probe. 

Broken Probe Jack

The 3.5 mm jack is the part of the meat probe that inserts into the controller.

If the jack breaks off in the controller, you'll need to remove the broken piece.

  1. The best way to remove a jack is to purchase a jack removal tool. There are other DIY methods, but the tools designed for this purpose are what we recommend.
  2. Once you get the jack out of the controller, contact Traeger's Customer Support to order a new meat probe. 

Non-Connected Controller Isn't Displaying Probe Temp

If your grill is a non-connected grills with up/down buttons (▲/▼) instead of a dial and it isn't displaying the meat probe temperature, try setting a probe alarm:

  1. Plug in your meat probe while the grill is running.
  2. Press the CENTER/SELECT button twice to navigate past the timer to the probe alarm. This is where the actual probe temperature should display.
  3. Press the UP or DOWN arrow buttons to activate the alarm temperature setting. The digits will flash, prompting you to adjust the temperature.
  4. Press the UP and DOWN arrow buttons again to set the desired probe alarm temperature (for example, 140°F).
  5. Press the CENTER/SELECT button to confirm and set the alarm temperature. This will illuminate the probe icon on display, showing the current probe temperature until the controller is used again.
  6. If the probe alarm still does not display, contact Customer Support

Meat Probe Is Halfway In

Make sure the wired meat probe is fully inserted into the jack probe.


Meat Probe Issues Specific to D2 WiFIRE-Enabled Grills

D2 Meat Probe Errors & Alerts

Open the links for the following errors for resolution steps.

Grill Powers off when Plugging in or Unplugging Meat Probe

As a built-in safety precaution, your grill will turn off when you plug in or unplug your meat probe when there is electrical discharge. 

To fix this, try grounding yourself before plugging in your meat probe by touching the grill frame before picking up your meat probe and then picking up the meat probe and plugging it in.

See, Pellet Grill Shuts down when Unplugging Meat Probe for more information.

Probe Reading Temperature Units Incorrectly (Celsius/Fahrenheit)

If the probe is reading in a temperature unit different than the grill (e.g. grill is set to Fahrenheit, but the probe is displaying temperature in Celsius), change the grill's temperature unit type and then back to the desired unit type. The probe should update.


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