Third-Party Thermometers

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We understand If you want to use your own thermometer for your Traeger grill. We're here to help you make the best of your thermometer. 


Can I Use a Third-Party Thermometer on My Traeger Grill?

You can use a third-party thermometer on your Traeger grill, but please don't use it as a replacement for the pre-installed thermocouple or RTD. 

Our thermocouples and RTDs factor in fluctuation, variance, and hot spots. While we're sure your thermometer works great, non-Traeger thermometers don't read the above factors.

How Do I Use My Third-Party Thermometer?

If you want to use a third-party thermometer on your Traeger grill, placement is key.

If you place your thermometer in the wrong spot, it will read differently from your grill's thermocouple.  

    • For an accurate reading, place your thermometer near your grill’s thermocouple, which is above your grill's grates. Your grill's grates hold heat that can be hotter than your grill’s internal air temperature.
    • If you place your thermometer too close to your grill's grates, you'll see inaccurate readings.

It's normal for your grill to have hot spots, varying from 10ºF to 15ºF from the temperature reading that appears. Your grill's parts that are near points of air flow, such as the chimney or the vents in the back, will vary in temperature.


What Do Grill Temperature Fluctuations Mean?

Like other cooking methods, Traeger grills cook on an average, so there will be temperature fluctuations. Temperature fluctuations are normal. The temperature will rise and fall around the set temperature, averaging out over the duration of the cook. The temperature can fluctuate up to ±25ºF. 

If your Traeger grill is experiencing fluctuations above the designated range, read our Temperature Swings article for more information.


How Do I Test My Grill's RTD and Thermocouple?

To learn how to test your grill's RTD or thermocouple, check out our RTD & Thermocouple article.


If your grill is having temperature issues, we invite you to contact our Customer Service.


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