Condensation on Grill

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Occasionally, customers may experience condensation building up on either their grill or on the screen of their grill controller. This should not be any reason for alarm; however, you can take the following steps if this occurs.

  • NOTE: Condensation buildup on your grill can occur if the grill is located in a particularly humid region, or if moisture has become trapped between the cover and the grill during wet weather.
  • Check out Rust on Flat Top Grill Cooktop if you find rust on your grill.

Use the following steps to prevent future condensation on your grill:

  1. Wipe the condensation away.
  2. Always store your grill with a cover or in a dry area away from moisture and the elements. 
  3. If condensation appears on your controller screen:
    1. Allow a reasonable amount of time for the condensation to evaporate from the controller.
    2. On the rare occasion that condensation has built up inside the controller screen and it will not evaporate, please contact Traeger's Customer Support.

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