Moving to New Country

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Congratulations on moving to another country! Below, you'll find information on how your Traeger grill will work in your new home. 


Will my grill work in another country?

If your destination country uses the same voltage and outlet/plug shape as your current residence, you will not have any issue using your Traeger grill at your new home. 

If moving to a new country that has a different plug shape or voltage requirements, you may be able to purchase a new power cord, depending on your grill model, to allow your grill to work at your new destination. Please contact Traeger Customer Support for additional information. 


Will moving to a new country affect my grill's warranty?

Traeger grills are rated and meet certification requirements for the region the grill is sold. As such, a grills warranty is voided if moved from the region where purchased to another, unless otherwise required by law.


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