Grill Modifications

What's in This Article?

If you're considering modifying your grill, please read this article for how it may affect your warranty.

What is Considered a Grill Modification?

A grill modification is a change or alteration to a grill's functionality or appearance. Grill modifications include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Custom paint jobs
  • Using non-OEM/third-party parts
  • Drilling or cutting into the barrel
  • Installing additional parts not designed for the grill

Painting a Grill

Painting a grill includes painting the entire grill or simply using paint to touch up scuffs and scratches.

We are unable to offer touch-up paint because our grills are painted with powder-coat paint (both outside and inside) that must be applied at high temperatures and can not simply be painted on the grill. 

Using Non-OEM Parts

OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) parts are parts made by Traeger for the use in Traeger grills. While we always suggest using OEM parts when servicing your grill, the use of non-OEM parts does not void a grill's warranty.

Will I Void My Warranty By Making a Modification?

Making a modification does not necessarily void the grill's warranty. Modifications may affect the grill's warranty depending on the modifications made and the situation requiring using the warranty.

The warranty, or parts of the warranty, may be void if the modification damages the grill or affects its ability to operate as it was designed.


Installing third-party wheels has no impact on most of your grill's functionality (i.e. no effect on paint or on the thermocouple's ability to read temperature). If your controller's screen fails and needs to be replaced, the third-party wheels would not void your warranty.

However, should the wheels prevent the grill from being level, your warranty concerning grease management would be void because the modification is preventing the grill from functioning as designed.

If you have questions on how a grill modification would affect your warranty, please contact Customer Support.


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