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Everyone is welcome to the Traegerhood. Grilling is an experience that everyone, regardless of their abilities, can enjoy. 


Traeger's Official Accessibility Statement

To view Traeger's official accessibility statement, see,

Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)

The purpose of the Americans With Disabilities Act (ADA) is to make sure that people with disabilities have the same rights as everyone else. We at Traeger want to ensure that no member of the Traegerhood is discriminated against.

ADA Compliance for Mobile Apps

The Traeger App supports mobile accessibility and is a fully ADA-supported app.


Resources for the Visually Impaired

The Traeger mobile app supports VoiceOver (iOS) and TalkBack (Android).

How to Turn on iOS VoiceOver

If you have an iPhone, VoiceOver gives audible descriptions of what's on your phone's screen. When you touch your screen, VoiceOver speaks the name of the item your finger is on, including icons and text. You can activate VoiceOver by using Siri or by navigating through your device settings:

Turn on Using Siri

  1. Say, 'Hey Siri.'
  2. Say ,'Turn on VoiceOver.'

Turn on via Device Settings

  1. Go to Settings.  
  2. Scroll down to Accessibility
  3. Tap, VoiceOver.
  4. Tap on the button next to VoiceOver to activate.

How to Turn on Android TalkBack

If you have an Android, the TalkBack screen reader speaks text and image content on your screen. You can activate TalkBack by using Google Assistant or by navigating through your device settings:

Turn on Using Google Assistant

  1. Say 'Hey Google.'
  2. Say 'Turn on TalkBack.'

Turn on via Device Settings

  1. Open Settings.
  2. Tap, Accessibility > TalkBack.
  3. Tap the button next to Use TalkBack.
  4. Tap, OK.

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