Find Your Grill's Serial & Model Number

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Where Do I Find My Grill's Serial & Model Number?

Serial numbers, which contain the grill's model number can be found in two places: on the box the grill comes in and on the grill itself. 

Model numbers can be found also on the box on their own and on the grill's owner's manual. 


On pellet grills, the model number exists as a part of the serial number, which can be found on the sticker underneath your hopper's lid.

Serial and model number are also found on the packaging exterior.


On flat top grills, the model number and serial number can be found on the sticker located on the back of the grill skirt under the power panel.

Like pellet grills, flat top grills' model numbers exist within the serial number, found on the barcode sticker. However, the model number is also notated in the 'SKU NUMBER' field. 

Serial and model number are also found on the packaging exterior.


Serial number-packaging.jpeg


Serial Number Breakdown

The serial number is comprised of four sections of characters, each separated by a dash (-):

  1. Model Number
  2. Manufacturing Date
  3. Manufacturing Factory
  4. Grill Number made of the specific model at the manufacturing factory

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