About the Traeger App for Apple Watch

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The Traeger App for Apple Watch provides the versatility of the Traeger App with the convenience of the Apple Watch. Below are the features of the app that you can control from your Apple Watch:

  • Grill temperature control and readout
  • Probe temperature control and readout
  • Keep warm mode
  • Timer
  • Pellet level status
  • Super smoke mode

How to Install the App

If you have the Traeger App installed on the phone that is paired with your Apple Watch, the app will install automatically to your watch.


Loading Screen

Upon opening the Traeger Apple Watch App, you will see a loading screen that says, Loading Grill Information. During this time, the app is connecting to your phone, checking login status, retrieving the current grill, and verifying it is a WiFIRE-enabled grill and turning on real-time messages to retrieve the latest information.



Your Apple Watch will notify you of the following four grill statuses.


All grill functionality is active, aside from Super Smoke and Keep Warm.

Make Now

This status will show a progress bar for the cooking steps at the top of the watch face.

Manual Cook

Just like the iOS app, all grill functionality is available and ready to use.

Sleeping/Offline/Cool Down

All grill functionality is inactive while the app is in any of these states.



We are here to answer any and all your questions. Here are a few of the most frequently asked questions.

​​​​​​​Traeger App Apple Watch Errors

Seeing errors on your apple watch? We'll walk you through them and get you back to grilling.


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