Icons and Symbols on Touchscreen Display

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Icons and Symbols on Controller Display

Get to know the icons that appear on the grills display and what they mean.

Icon | Symbol Description Notes
WiFIRE connected icon.png  WiFIRE Connection  When grill is connected to WiFi the controller will display this icon.
Alert - Error.png Error | Alert Notification This symbol appears when the grill detects an error. The error could be related to one of the grill's components, the controller or an incorrect/missed procedure. The symbol is followed by a description of the error. User can select the pop-up and view tips/ information on the error, or scan QR code provided for troubleshooting steps. 
BT Probe Icon.png Bluetooth Probe  
Wired Probe Icon.png Wired Probe  
Induction Cooktop Icon.png Induction Cooktop  
Pizza oven icon.png Pizza Oven  
Chefs hat pro tip.png Pro Tips  Best practices on cooking at high temps. Appears when set to high cook temps (400° F+). Click the Chef's hat to see Pro Tips. After pro tips are viewed, a pop-up may follow asking if the user does not want the grill to keep reminding them of the high temp cook Pro Tip, select "Nah, I go this" to stop reminders.
mv9l3tjb.png Pellet Level  


Grill Part Icons

The controllers on our Touchscreen grills help with determining which part of the grill may be receiving an error. Below are the onscreen icons that represent the grill's parts on the controller.

Part diagnosis error and icon of part experiencing error and where it is located..png


Icon | Symbol  Description
Auger Icon.png Auger
Controller Icon.png Controller
Fan Icon.png Fan
Flame Sensor Icon.png Flame Sensor
Grease Sensor Icon.png Grease Sensor
Ignitor Icon.png Ignitor
Lid Sensor Icon.png Lid Sensor
Pellet Sensor Icon.png Pellet Sensor
Thermocouple Icon.png Thermocouple

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